Women Need To Stop Being Bitches 

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Women have always judged each other – whether you keep it to yourself or you share with another – and they always will. But hasn’t it all just seemed to have gotten a little worse since you were back at school? Instead of teasing you on not having the latest trendy shoes or just generally not being one of the ‘cool’ kids, it’s talking behind your back because you’re not up to their standards or, well, again not being one of the ‘cool’ adults and it can apply to you whether it’s being in your personal life or your workplace. The only difference is that as an adult you tend to be a lot more stronger at fighting off the odd comment or two – unless you’re like me and take everything to heart – and that if someone upsets you  you can just choose not to be around them. Unless it’s in the workplace.

As a child I would always get upset and always knew that I just didn’t fit in but I knew that once I got older I wouldn’t have the teasing anymore. I remember the one time my so-called friend was threating to push me after school for something probably minor and obviously as a child you worry and think everyone hates you when in actual fact people only stand behind the bully because it’s better than standing in front of them waiting to be picked on. After school I remember walking so slow through the playground hoping she would just run ahead and go home but she didn’t. She ran up to me and pushed me and even though it didn’t hurt and it wasn’t much of a push I started crying. I cried because I felt angry I didn’t stand up to her. But as an adult it’s different. 

As an adult it can be hard sometimes, especially if it’s in the workplace. Women are still fairly new to the workplace environment and also the competition therein. Maybe the understanding of competition and how we deal with it was mistakenly took for how we felt with contests for social power back at school. As a budding blogger who is still trying to get my foot in the door I still currently work in retail. I’ve worked in retail before but this is the first time I’ve worked in an army camp and let me tell you the women here are worse and I’m not talking about my colleagues. I’m talking about the army wives. Now not all of them are the same but you do get the bitchy clicky groups that stick together judging the other wives. Before working here I never thought I would generally feel like I would ever be back at school until I started here. They judge, they criticise, they moan about others and they also judge what you wear. But we should all ensure that we keep the gossips and bitchy comments to turning into bullying. 

Being around this type of atmosphere and also having my own problems it just makes me hate being a woman. As a woman I do prefer hanging out with the guys because it’s less drama and if anything bad is said it’s all down to banter. I hate how women can make other women feel and I do just think we all need to be a little more supportive of our fellow kind. I know there will be women that just simply don’t get along but that doesn’t mean you need to be nasty. Have you ever been complimented by another woman whether you know them or if they’re complete strangers? Maybe she said she liked your top or your hair looks amazing or that she thinks you’re funny or smart. How did that make you feel? It made you feel amazing right? Pass it on. 

I know in the workplace it can be difficult, especially if you’re in a small team but why waste your energy on a person you don’t seem to get on with? Do your own thing and live your own life without bringing others down. It’s time us women supported each other…or avoid them at all costs. Either way seems perfectly normal. 

Smear Tests Should Be Viewed As Compulsory

If you’re lucky enough to have had a smear test then you know it can be quite uncomfortable. No woman is happy about stretching out her legs  and moving down into her bum whilst naked and having a stranger, who you see for all your medical problems, stare at your vagina whilst sticking a toothbrush like swab in there. It’s awkward but it’s just one of those things women have to go through to check everything’s how it should be. When I received my first letter about getting a smear test I felt so happy. It was six months before my 25th birthday and I’d been waiting for this for a few years now. So let me explain my weird happiness…

Eight years ago when I was 17 my aunty Shelly passed away from cervical cancer. It had been known that my aunty hadn’t had a smear test for around seven years. If she went to regular smear tests would she have had a better chance of a life or maybe survival? Maybe. Ever since I have always been interested in having my own smear tests completed once I was of age (25). So not everyone has motivation to go for their test but anyone reading this please just go and do it. You’re in and out within 10 minutes and that includes any questions the nurse has. It’s better to always get yourself checked.

“Even though the word ‘low’ was said my eyes couldn’t read further – I’d already started crying”

After my smear I was feeling nervous about the results as cancer is something that generally hits the family all the time. Getting the results was difficult for me as it mentioned I had low abnormal cells and that I had a HPV virus and needed a follow up appointment. Even though the word ‘low’ was said my eyes couldn’t read further – I’d already started crying. With my mother next door I asked her what colposcopy was and immediately she comes running into my room screaming the word no. It hit me right there that having a smear test was the most important thing to have done because at one point my mum would have gone through this with her sister. 

To date, I’ve had my follow up appointment and I’m relieved to say that my cells looked healthy and the HPV virus is just something that comes and goes and was explained to be just like a cold but instead of your general cold – you just get a version of it down there. I was ok this time round but might not be in the future so whether you think you don’t need it because you’ve already had one or just don’t want to go – please just go. Cells change all the time so it’s best to always get them checked. 

In regards to the age limit I wish it could be lowered but it is what it is but what we can do and wish for is for females to go and get the test done. You never know what the results are going to be and if it’s bad then you’ve caught it at the right time. Don’t leave these things too late regardless of how embarassing it can be. 

When It Comes To Fashion – I Look Boring 

I have a wardrobe full of clothes and yet I still don’t know what I’m doing. I own two pairs of jeans in which one pair gets used almost daily and the times I’m not wearing them it’s because I haven’t gotten out of my pyjamas. I have endless amounts of tops, vests, t-shirts some pretty and some pretty disgusting that maybe has a few holes in them. When it comes to fashion I haven’t got a clue what looks ok, what colours are allowed or what shoes to even consider so I end up throwing money at the screen online shopping, sometimes proper shopping, on clothes thinking it will make me look like one of the models in the magazines. It doesn’t. 

If you haven’t realised already, I love feeling comfortable so I tend to always wear black skinny high-waisted jeans (hides the bloated stomach…good eh?) and anything on top because what doesn’t go well with black jeans? I usually opt for a pair of dolly shoes or my amazing and comfy pair or blue vans (and yes each shoe has a hole in it). Honestly, I do like fashion and I always wish I would look like a model with long legs and how graceful the clothes look but most of the clothes are not really suited for a quick dash to Tesco so black skinny jeans and the nearest top it is. 

“if I don’t feel comfortable I reach for my trust worthy safety blanket of skinny black jeans”

When it comes to fashion I feel like I’ve just missed this part of life where everyone seems to grasp it and know exactly what to do with it and I’ve just gone through with my eyes closed. Honestly, I probably dress a bit boring and when it comes to challenging myself of not wearing those worn out black jeans I panic. So where did realisation all begin? As an adult you’d probably think people’s comments doesn’t bother you but they actually do. Recently a friend of mine made the comment “do you always wear skinny jeans?” And I can’t even begin to tell you how personal I took that. Since then I’ve been throwing more money at the screen than I’ve ever done before on trousers, skirts and some casual dresses and what I still can’t grasp is the shoes! With jeans you can wear whatever you want from flip flops and sandals to trainers and dolly shoes – it doesn’t matter! But when you’re staring in the full length mirror wearing a pair of green Canvas trousers debating whether or not they suit you with a top that you think goes and getting upset because you don’t know what shoe truly suits. Brown sandals? Am I really comfortable wearing this sort of stuff? Most of the time I experiment and if I don’t feel comfortable I reach for my trust worthy safety blanket of skinny black jeans.

When it comes down to it it’s probably style and those TV shows you watch where they claim everyone has a bit is obviously a big fat liar! Not everyone has style and trying to learn it just doesn’t seem as fun as fashion is meant to be. If you look through the photos on my phone you will come across like a million inspiration outfit photos that I can take with me shopping. If it looks good in the photo it will surely look good on me right? Well, not always. But that’s why you have experts and professionals right? What it’s come down to is spending a good hour staring at myself in the mirror whilst changing into the hundreds of different clothes that I now own and still have no idea what I’m doing. Bring on the challenge of not wearing skinny jeans for a while…help! 

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Feeling Anonymous 

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We’re all fighting to be heard, to be seen and more importantly, we’re all fighting for a place in this world – but have you ever wanted to feel anonymous in a place you’ve never been? To truly want to remember who you really are or maybe find out who you want to be. 

Recently visiting Nepal, I decided that I wanted to put myself to the test to see if I knew who I was and to do that I challenged myself to hike a full three day on the Annapurna Range. I like to aim high. The trip was a mixture between a grooling three day hike through the mountains and rainforest to exploring the surrounding cities within Nepal from tourist based places to sucluded community areas. I wanted to visit a place I’ve never been before and challenge myself – and I didn’t want to be known. I didn’t want to be someone’s sister, someone’s daughter, a friend, a worker or tax payer or someone who was trying to find their place in the world. For 10 days, I didn’t want to be anything but anonymous. But why?

“I needed to become anonymous so I could find out what type of person I wanted to be”

At the age of 25, all I’ve ever been exposed to is education. After leaving high school I went on to do a further four years at two different colleges and then a further three years at university. I was constantly being told what to learn, where I had to be and just in general having my life decided for me and now that I’ve finished university and having to fend for myself it’s made me realise that maybe I’ve lost myself a little bit. I needed to become anonymous so I could find out what type of person I wanted to be.

Throughout my life I have had the opportunity to visit some of the most amazing places including New York, Florida, Europe, and Turkey and all these places allowed me to see that part of the world but none of them really let me experience me as a person. None of those places challenged me or made me feel speechless in terms of not knowing myself. Nepal changed that…

Between the community home stays in Chitwan and the tourist stays in Pokhara and Kathmandu I experienced not only the most amazing hike I’ve ever completed but also how other people live. How different their lives are compared to what we have back in the UK. Now I’m not going to go all mushy and explain things we should be grateful for because we should, deep down, already know this. What I am going to share is that I found out who I want to be as a person and that I discovered I’ve always been this person and that I’ve just forgotten. I’m passionate about the things I love the most and I know that whatever is thrown at me I will be the most hardworking self I can ever be. I know that deep down I am a very strong person and even though things get me down it doesn’t define me because I know life moves on for the better. One thing I did learn was that I shouldn’t, and will no longer,  question myself. Life isn’t going to change if you don’t do anything about it. Things won’t come your way if you’re not willing to put yourself out there. Who cares if you look silly because you’re going after what you want and being strong means you will continue to pick yourself up after every fall because you know that one day you will get there and it will feel fucking fantastic! 

University Punishes Students Who Skip Class by Making Them Clean Opposite Sex Dorm Rooms

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When it comes to skipping class, there are a million excuses on why you didn’t turn up from having a hangover or a cold to faking or not faking a job interview. With around 62,000 students (statistics by the Department for Education) skipping classes every day, universities are starting to step up and punish students for being truant.

It has recently been reported by the BBC that a university in China are forcing truant students to clean up after the opposite sex. College Counsellor Cui Bowen, The Wuhan International Culture University comments “if students want to skip class, their classmates will remind them of this rule.” Since the new rule has been set in place three male students have been forced to clean their female classmate’s dorms which include scrubbing floors, dusting furniture and cleaning toilets as part of their punishment. Is the threat and act of cleaning up after the opposite sex really a punishment?

Have we all just resorted back to childish punishments in the hope students never skip class again? Surely there’s a less embarrassing way to punish students that doesn’t mean end up losing your dignity along the way? Sun Haoran, a female student at the university says, “I won’t skip class in future – I don’t want to clean the boy’s stinky bathrooms!”


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With over 50,000 students skipping class per day there is an issue which needs to be addressed but is cleaning really the way to go? And should this go out to all universities?

Do you think students should be punished for skipping class?

Battle Of The Primers

Primer is like underwear – you don’t exactly want to leave the house without it and it helps smooth, conceal and even holds everything in place so anything that you put on top looks 10 times better. 

We’re all divided on whether we think it’s necessary or even worth it. Not only does it demand space in your makeup bag and storage but it also takes an extra minute applying it on. But do you ever get to that 3pm mark and all the effort you made that morning to perfect those cheekbones, conceal that acne and simply get yourself looking human just doesn’t seem to be present?

That’s where our extra space, minute stealing and secret underwear of the face comes in. Primers are there to not only to conceal and smooth the skin but it’s also there to get you and your makeup through the whole entire day looking like you’ve just applied it. Tempted? 

I’ve pulled together 5 different products and put them through the test…

Jane Iredale Smooth Affair

OK so first of all I just have to say how amazing this smells! For those who love the citrus orange smell that just gets you fruity high, then based on smell only, this is the one for you. 

Putting this on I did find the primer to be light and easy to apply and the drying time wasn’t so bad either. Normally it is recommended that the time between applying primer and applying makeup is around 20minutes but to be honest, who simply has the time for that?

Unfortunately the smell of oranges disappeared almost instantly and when that 3pm mark came around I was quite excited to see the results. Some of my acne scars came out to say hello and my face became a little patchy on the cheeks but whether this was the primer or the concealer I do not know. But based on the results from the rest of the primers I’d have to say it was the primer so amazing smell but it just didn’t work for me.

SmashBox Photo Finish

This primer seems to be the favourite of the group in terms of seeing it everywhere in the beauty blogger world as a well known brand. Having bought this in New York and experiencing the hype around Sephora that was complete madness, I went for something I knew. When I first used this I hated the fact it seemed to take an effort in getting it out of the tube but once I applied it it felt hard but really soft. OK so not the best descriptions but it was like matte gel made of pure silk. I instantly knew this was going to conceal everything and had by far been the best underwear I had applied. 

So what happened when I got to the 3pm mark? Any acne scars? Any patches on the cheeks? Well, no. There wasn’t a patch in site and it didn’t let my scars come out and say hi. Overall very nice, smooth and did make it to 3pm. Overall winner!

Nivea shaving balm for men

Can we all just take a moment to not only feel sorry for Nikki Tutorials for leaving her moisturiser behind but to also thank her because this is the best primer I’ve ever used! OK so when I first tried to tip the bottle upside down to get the product of course it all came flying out giving me more than quarter of the bottle all over my hand. The texture is really runny and light so at first I did wonder if this would actually work but after applying makeup it seemed as if everything I threw on just kind of stuck!

3pm came and went and my makeup still perfectly in place with only the one acne scar asking for spotlight. Definitely worth the buy even if it does mean smelling like your boyfriend after he’s been for a shave. what I would say is when you apply it make sure your hair is well away from your face otherwise it will stick!

Rodical Super-Food Balm

After receiving this in the post I didn’t quite know what it was or what I should of done with it but after a quick Google search I found out it was a multi-purpose balm. At first I wondered how can a multi-purpose balm surely work on everything but after using the Dr.PawPaw balm I knew it was possible! I did feel a bit weird as it felt like I was smothering my face with what seemed to feel like Vaseline but it go hand in hand with my makeup giving me a flawless finish!

Although when the 3pm mark came I did need to do a bit of a touch up!

Nivea Day Cream

OK so it’s just a moisturiser and we all use it (I hope) so why did I add it to my list? Well, on one of the days I forgot to use primer this product stepped up and seemed to work just as well as some of the primers I had used. It got to 3pm and only slight patches appeared and needed to do a quick swipe of the powder but other than that it worked well.

What’s your favourite underwear for the face?

Oh The Joys of Adult Life and London Jobs

I’m hiding my hideous coldsore!

It’s been such a long time and for that I apologise! Let’s just say I’ve entered a new chapter in my life of proper adult work. Ahh the lovely 5.30 awakenings to stand around what seems like an abandoned train station with my hair a mess and not a lick of face paint, looking like I’ve just got out of bed – because well, that’s exactly why! I’m surprised I managed to dress in a appropriate manner.

I would like to tell you this way I can come home early and put my feet up with a lovely cuppa but sadly no. I have to rugby tackle my way through Victoria, somehow get from one platform to the other in the matter of seconds to then spend the next 2 hours on a train sweating in all the wrong places gasping for air on a very, very, VERY overcrowded train.

I suppose this is a ‘welcome to adult working in London’ and even though I do groan at the thought of Monday morning, I actually really enjoy it! Call me crazy but the idea of getting work done before you actually get to work seems satisfying? I’m actually writing this on my way home. Is that sad?

‘I Can’t Adult Today’ And I’m OK With That

At any given chance I will use any type of shortcut into making people think that I can actually ‘adult’. I will buy clothes that won’t necessarily need ironing after washing, buy chopped vegetables so I don’t have to waste my time preparing them or go out for dinner so I don’t have to fake cook it at all. There are many ways to create shortcuts in life and to be honest, I’m ok with that.

Doing one load of washing or paying a certain bill, picking up those shoes I’ve left in the hallway all week or research a new meal recipe that I may never use are all adult things. They all seem easy but the idea of every errand I have to do just waiting to be done can be a bit overwhelming. Can I just stay in bed all day instead?

The constant worries of what to do with our futures and how to get there all seem too much when we’re still struggling to come up with ideas on what to have for dinner for the next week. Wondering who to date or who we should be friends with when the truth is, we don’t like people much. Then worrying we’re going to be alone for the rest of our lives. We have to make decisions everyday whether it’s career related or relationships or whether we want two sugars in our tea or just the one. Why is it so hard?

Can we all just go back in time to when we’re told what to do? Not having to worry about where we’re going to live or what we want to be when we’re older because for some reason we don’t think we’re ever going to get old. We don’t have to worry about buying in food so we don’t end up starving to death, unless you’re still lucky enough to live with your parents and they shop for you. In an ideal world we never have to make decisions for the rest of our lives and the fact most of them are made from the likes of coin flips or magic eight balls proves that we should have just that.

If we’re somehow getting through life with coin flip decisions and pretending we know what we’re doing whilst using shortcuts then this means we’re actually being an adult right? Let us make decisions based on the shake of an eight ball or buy pre chopped carrots. Let us pretend we know what the hell we are doing or let us sleep for the whole entire day because being a grown up sucks and I just don’t want to adult today.

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Virtual Friends

So it’s Saturday night and everyone’s talking about hitting the town. Would you rather stay at home with a cuppa with a good book or do you get all dressed up and head out with your friends? We all know that cancelled plans result in victory dancing because the idea of staying in and missing any kind of social gathering sounds amazing. Cancelled plans are the best type of plans. You’re not classed as the loner or the boring one and what’s even better…you don’t spend a single penny.

Admit it, we all prefer talking online whether it’s to friends, collegues or potential boyfriends. There’s no need to leave the house when you have everything you need located inside your phone right? Well apparently you’re a bit of a genius if you do.

As reported by Stylist, according to Satoshi Kanazawa, of the London School of Economics, and Norman Li, of Singapore Management University, measured the amount of happiness within 15,000 people with varying IQ levels experienced, when socialising with friends compared to spending time alone. Basically the people who preferred time alone had the highest IQ.

But all that science stuff out of the way it still comes down to the fact most of us prefer being alone. This may be a mixture of less drama, socialising from a distance or just the fact that you can do whatever you want to. Either way the idea that people like talking to others from a distance feels like times are changing from when we used to knock on people’s houses to play or to catch up without the use of phones. Before we know it we’re all going to become virtual. Virtual friend, girlfriend/boyfriend, mother, daughter, son. Everything is going to be online and the thought of people, books, workers, magazines and so much more are only going to exist on your computer. Am I overthinking this?

Please do share and tell me what you think.

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Squad goals: Become A Powerpuff 


Laura the Powerpuff
At least once in our lives we have wished we were superheroes. Admit it, you wanted to shoot webs from your wrist like Spider-Man or be able to fly like superman. But for most of us when we were all young girls we opted for someone a bit more girly and honestly, the best superwoman ever! No not actual superwoman but the Powerpuff Girls of course. But which one did you want to be?

Blossom – a red haired commander and leader of the group who could freeze objects with her breath. Bubbles – a blonde haired joy and laughter of the group who could emit supersonic waves with her voice. Buttercup – a black haired girl who had no personal superpower but was the toughest of the group. The girls could also fly, have super strength and have super speed.

Personally, I always wanted to be Blossom, leader of the group and freeze things with my breath of course but with a launch of a new website we can all be part of the Powerpuff squad. #squadgoals #dreamcometrue

The Powerpuff Girls first aired in the 90’s which gave you an insight into the lives of three girls and their father Professor Utonium. The Professor wanted to create perfect little girls using a mixture of sugar, spice and everything nice. But whilst mixing the Professor accidentally knocked in the ingredient chemical X giving the girls their superpowers helping them fight crime.

The website (powerpuffyourself.com) created by Cartoon Network allows users to customise their avatar based on skin tone, hairstyle, eye colour, outfits, accessories and backgrounds. What are you waiting for? Bring out your inner superpower.

The animated TV series returns today in America.
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