Father’s Day Gift Ideas

When it comes to Father’s Day, it’s not that easy choosing a present. Unless they really love sports, beer or gardening, it can be tricky.

I have put together some thoughtful gifts for those awkward dads. Buy them now before it’s too late!


Kevin Bridges: The full Story Box Set From £5.41 (play.com)


Dads always think of themselves as comedians, but they need to get their inspiration from somewhere right? Get this gift this Father’s Day and allow your dad to brush up on his jokes.


Novelty Sports Golf Balls £9.99

‘’The balls are durable and designed for long distances so it’s the perfect, long lasting gift for any golfer’’ – gettingpersonal.co.uk

This product is fun gift for those golf crazy dads!

Nike Brazil Supporters Football £14.00


‘’A must-have for lovers of the beautiful game, this Nike football features the famous Brazil crest proudly printed above Nike’s swoosh logo.’’ – Johnlewis.com

Perfect for dads to show off their skills at the park or the beach.


Barrett’s Ridge Beer Bread Mix £6.95

‘’Now you can have homemade bread whenever you like, just add beer’’ – notonthehighstreet.co.uk

For those dads who just love beer and see themselves as quite the chef, this present is the perfect gift!

Sagaform BBQ Hamburger Press £14.99

‘’Simply add your mince, squeeze and fry the patty on your barbecue.’’ – iwantoneofthose.com

For those ‘King of the BBQ’s’ this product is perfect! You will never eat a misshaped burger again.


Funky Veg Kit £13.50

‘’Purple carrots, red brussel sprouts, stripy tomatoes, yellow courgettes and multi coloured swiss chard’’ – notonthehighstreet.co.uk

Why not let your dad be proud of the weird and wonderful vegetables that he has grown all by himself. You’re sure to impress people with these different coloured vegetables.

Indoor Allotment £24.95

‘’This adorable indoor allotment version is brilliant for those stylish green-fingered gardeners.’’ – Prezzybox.com

This gift is best suited to those dads who have a newly found  love for gardening. Why not start off small before creating a masterpiece.

Rock Legend

Steepletone 1960’s Vinyl Record Player £79.95

‘’All retro music lovers see this new technology and just think of the good old days, questioning why they don’t make things like they used to!’’ – prezzybox.com

Take your dad back to the past with this beautiful retro vinyl record player.

Retro Vinyl Coasters £12.00

‘’A vintage-inspired set of coasters, each one features a different record label design, making them perfect for old school lovers.’’ – Johnlewis.com

This gift would partner well with the vinyl record player. Or if you’re within a budget these coasters are great for music lovers.

Gadget Lover

Armour Cladded LED Watch £13.99

‘’Disguised as a bracelet, this Armour Cladded LED Watch is a funky and cool way to tell the time.’’ – iwantoneofthose.com

Why not get a 2 in 1 gift this Sunday! Not only is this gadget a bracelet but it is a watch too. No one is going to get a better funky gift.

Robot Arm £29.95

‘’If you know anyone that wants to come up with next great invention then this would be a perfect way to get them started.’’ – red5.co.uk

Personally, I got this present for my dad on his birthday and I have to say this present was brilliant. For someone that loves his gadgets and is a big kid at heart this gift was perfect in every way. After I gave him this it took it all night to make it (yes he stayed awake all night). He loves it that much he always uses it. This perfect gift also teams up as a light, perfect for the desk at work!



All photos were taken from the websites stated. None of these images are mine.


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