Top 8 essentials for that long flight

So as many of you may know I’m heading off to New York this July for my second time (EEEK!) And even though I am definitely looking forward to visiting the city, I am not so eager for the long flight. I am terrible when it comes to travel sickness or boredom so I always need to make sure I am prepared for the flight.

So you’re heading off on your holidays too I hear? But don’t know where to start when it comes to packing your carry on case. Here are a few ideas to help you be prepared for that long flight.



We all want to photo ready by the time we step off that plane so pack a few essentials to help you maintain your make-up. Personally I would pack a concealer, powder, mascara, blush and eye shadow. But do not forget that all of these make-up products have to be 100ml or less.

Wet Wipes/ Cleansing Water

So you’ve just woken up from a snooze and your make-up is everywhere and you’re all sweaty, nice! Get out a wet wipe and give yourself a light wash. In my recent post I reviewed a product from Garnier, the cleansing water. This product would be perfect for wiping off your make-up and starting again. Just remember to transfer some of the product into a smaller bottle.


This product will be perfect for those sweaty moments for staying fresh. This quick fix will allow you to keep clean until you head off for the nearest shower.

Chewing Gum/Mints

This life saver product will come in handy for after your plane meal or even after your nap. The minty smell of your breath will definitely work in your favor.


Sometimes it can become quite chilly on the plane and all your wearing is a little top ready for the beach. Be sure to pack a jacket to stop you from freezing.

Paracetamol/Travel Sickness Tablets

Like I said in the beginning I cannot cope with travels as it can make sick so be sure to pack some ready. But remember to take them 2 hours before your flight. Sometimes I can get quite a headache whilst in the air so I always pack some pain relief tablets just in case.


No one wants to use the planes free hand outs of headphones as they can be a little rubbish and cheap. Always pack your own to ensure comfort and quality sound. Also pack a book or a magazine to keep those boredom moments astray.

Blow up pillow

So if you’ve caved in and have decided to take a nap be sure to get a blow up pillow. It’s no fun trying to get comfortable resting your head in the window or on the shoulder of a stranger next to you. Get equipped with this product and not only will you be more comfortable but it will also stop you from getting all of your make-up wiped off.

Is there a must-have item you need in your carry case?

Laura x



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