Handbag Must-Haves


I am forever changing what bag I want to use for the day but what doesn’t change is what is inside. When it comes to the contents of my bag, I am pretty organised. As the saying goes ‘I have everything but the kitchen sink.’ So first, in goes the keys, the phone, pain relief, an umbrella and an extra layer of clothing as we all know British weather isn’t very reliable. Next goes in the diary for those all important meetings or dates, then in goes the pad and pen for those notes to self’s, inspiration ideas or simply the notes for ‘Buy bread.’

But apart from the usual everyday things I also like to pack a beauty bag. The bag full of beauty products to help me in certain situations. I have packed the least amount of products which will benefit me in so many ways. Some of the products I have chosen are both used as touch-ups or even starting from scratch-ups. First you need a mirror. You don’t want to be applying make-up with no mirror! Then in goes your lip product whether it’s your lipstick in that devilish red, lip balm or that sparkling lip gloss. These products are perfect for changing that day look into your evening look. Slap on a bit of red lippy and your ready to hit the town.

For those adventurous nights where you don’t know if you will end up in your own bed or your friend’s sofa, you will need some simple make-up products. Of course this will include facial wipes, powder, personally Maybelline dream matte mousse or tinted moisturizer and mascara. These products are perfect for a simple look and no one will know if you’ve had a late night.

Another important product for those situations where you need to freshen up and your skin is not on your side, are oil shine erasers. These little sheets are perfect for absorbing oil, minimizing pores and mattifying shiny skin.

Last but not least you need a bit of TLC, especially for your hands. Your hands go through a lot during the day so you need a product that will protect your hands whilst leaving them clean and soft. First I keep an anti-bacterial hand sanitizer for those moments where there are no sinks to hand. And secondly a hand cream. Personally a hand cream which contains SPF is perfect as the skin on your hands are thinnest and will create more damage than the rest of you. Protect them from the sun with Neutrogena Norwegian anti-ageing SPF 25 hand cream. This hand cream also contains active soy which is clinically proven too reduce the appearance of brown spots.

Have you got any handbag must-haves?


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