Travel Friendly Beauty Products

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It’s the weekend – there’s no work to do and you’ve managed to book a weekend away. Whatever your travels may be this summer there is always that dreaded moment of wondering what you can take in your carry on case. Just because your having a little time off doesn’t mean your beauty and skincare routine should take time off too. So, with that in mind I have come up with some travel-friendly items to pack into your carry case.

Double Up

When travelling I like to be smart about what I pack into my carry case. Because there is a limit of how much you can take I like to use multi-use beauty products such as tinted moisturizer with added SPF. My favourite this summer just has to be CLARINS HydraQuench Tinted Moisturizer. I also like to use a product that would be used as a lip and cheek tint and use for the odd occasion for a bit of colour to my eyelids. Cliniques chubby stick cheek colour balm can be used more than just a blusher. The chubby stick can also be worn for a bit of colour to the lips giving you extra moisture.


Wipes are perfect to accompany you on a short or long flight. They are not classed as liquid so you can take as many as you need. Facial wipes can help you feel refreshed throughout a flight as we all know you start to feel a bit icky after a few hours. Deodrant is also a key item here but make sure you buy the ones that look like soap.


I know when I usually have to be on a long flight my skin will suffer the consequences! It becomes all dry and sometimes sore so I always know to use a heavy moisturizer pre-flight. In order to keep hydrated throughout the flight, using Body Shop’s Vitamin E facial water spray will keep the skin  moisturized.


Samples are a perfect way to take any beauty products including shampoo and conditioner without the need to transfer them into smaller bottles. As a member of Youbeauty I get sent a monthly box of 2 chosen beauty samples plus 2 surprise products. This is a brilliant idea for taking with you and getting to test out a product before committing to buy.


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