My Sunday Rituals

Ah it’s that day of the week where you get to totally relax before starting the busy week ahead. Most Sundays are spent visiting family, doing a miniature spring clean and spending whatever time you have left on grooming yourself. There is so much to do that you just forget to spend time on yourself. For the past few Sundays I have found myself working so the minute I walk through the door I get myself in the Sunday mood by following a few rituals.

Have a relaxing bath


Now for me it has to be showers every time but sometimes you just have to give in and have a soak in the tub. Whilst running the bath pour in some of your favourite body oils as it gently moisturizes the skin. When In the bath apply your hair and face mask as it allows you to free up some time.

Give yourself a Mani and Pedi

ELF Nail polish - Nude

First, choose your desired TV programme, Pretty Little Liars for me. But don’t just feed your addiction on programmes as there is still beauty work to do! This is the perfect chance to give yourself a DIY Mani and Pedi. My boyfriend cannot stand the smell of nail varnish, what man does, so I always make sure he’s out or distracted whilst doing so. Pick out your favourite shades, currently E.L.F’s Nude, your cuticle oils and spend time on nourishing those nails of yours.

Bake Some Goodies


If I have more time than I expected then I just love to bake whether it’s cupcakes, cookies or brownies. I don’t go a month without baking cupcakes as they are just delicious! Why not bake some treats to share with family and friends? What’s your favourite treat?



For someone that tends to be a bit organised it is no surprise that I’m forever writing To-do lists or planning my week. But before you start give yourself a foot spa experience (before applying nail polish). If you don’t have a foot spa simply use a large bowl and fill with warm water and oils to help nourish your feet. Now time for the planning! This is when I write shopping lists, To-do lists for the week and blog posts. As I am currently a student, an intern, a contributor to various publications and a worker this can be quite hectic.

What are your Sunday Rituals?


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