Admit It…We’ve All Done This


Admit it, there are so many things we’ve done but would never admit to because of the fact it’s just plain weird. Here are some frequent, ‘admit it…we’ve all done this’ situations that are definitely the most used or the most weird:

Saying you have plans to cancel other plans when really you just want some ‘me’ time. So many of us can’t be bothered to socialise or the fact were too comfy slouching on the sofa with a tub of Ben and Jerry’s so we tend to cancel plans with fake plans, works every time.

Snooping in people’s bathroom cabinets when you’re over at their place. Maybe this is just me as it is just plain weird but snooping around someone else’s bathroom seems a little satisfying. Personally I love checking out the beauty products everyone uses.

Pretending to text in awkward situations. So you’ve been stuck with a stranger for a few minutes and instead of making light conversation you decide to fake text in order to ignore the situation altogether.

Saying “I’m on my way” when really you haven’t left the sofa. We want the other person to think were closer than we actually are in most cases or the fact the sofa has just become more cosier than normal, but either way we are never telling you the truth when we say.

Brushed our teeth several times before visiting the dentist. Just incase we’re not satisfied with our brushed twice daily teeth for the dentist, let’s just brush them a few more times to make sure there ready to shine.

Lied that we read and agreed to the terms and conditions. Come on, is there really anyone who spends time reading the little things? No one wants to waste their time reading through the little details.

We’ve all pretended that we’ve done something when really we haven’t. Maybe you’ve been asked to read something for feedback or you were told to post something in the mail, any of these situations plus many more are something that we’ve all pretended to do.

Admit it, Do you have any confessions?

Photo Source: collegecandy


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