Shopping On A Budget


So it’s nearly payday and you’ve been planning a shopping trip for ages and even though you’ve tried your best to scrimp and save every penny, you’re still on a budget.  It doesn’t matter what budget your on, there are still ways to save money and help keep your bank balance looking healthy the day after. Here are a few simple tips to try and help you keep within your budget:

Shop alone one or with someone who isn’t shop crazy. Taking someone who just loves to buy clothes will only persuade you to get everything in the shop. Also shopping alone can make you buy the items you need and nothing else.

Be prepared. Before you head out write a list of things that you need the most like a top or some shoes. Maybe research the online shops and see what they have to offer. This way you can add the prices up before you go shopping for real.

Take money only. If you’re like me and is terrible when it comes to shopping, just take your budget in cash and leave your card at home. Sometimes this is brilliant as as soon as you’ve spent all of your money your shopping trip is over but then something bad happens like needing petrol and you can’t get any because you have no money. So maybe leave your card in the car.

Use vouchers or a student card. Student cards get you at most 20% off which is only a few pounds but that could be spent somewhere else. Sometimes you get vouchers like buy two garments for a set price, etc. The more discount you have, the more money you have left which means the more clothes you can purchase.

Before check out, put one back. So you’ve finished shopping and your hands are full of beautiful clothes. Sometimes if I feel I’m not going to be happy that I’ve spent all of my money I one shop I do a double check. I say to myself put one item back and it always ends up being the risky item and something that I’ve already similarly got.

This is only a few simple steps to keeping within your balance and that you may only use one of them. But somehow the list works for me and it really does help me save money towards bigger and better things. And the best thing about these steps is that no one needs to know, even better.

Do you have any tips on how to keep within your budget? If so, please share!



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