Beauty Saviors For That Down Pour Rain


As autumn is settling in there are bound to be some rainy days but what about our well groomed looks? Let’s face it, the rain plays havoc with our beauty regimens. It starts pouring with rain and your mascara and eyeliner begin to run down your face making you look like you’ve been crying for hours. But your make-up isn’t just the only problem you face when it starts to rain. Your hair also becomes a mess and once its drying it frizzes like mad. Here are a few products to save you looking like a drowned rat and become the well groomed self you were a few minutes ago:

Compact Mirror. Before you do anything you need to asses the damage. Get out your compact mirror and get removing that ruined make-up.

Tissues/Facial Wipes. Your not going to get anywhere if you have nothing to wipe away your make-up. So make sure you pack one of these in order a smooth recovery.

Detangling Comb. Take a comb to your hair to ensure no knots. No one wants to deal with a tangled mess especially when your hair dries. Help please!

Defrizzer. After combing your hair make sure you apply some defrizzer like Paul Mitchell’s smoothing super skinny serum. Not only does it combat frizz but also allows your hair to dry that little bit faster. Now unless you’re carrying around a hair dyer in your handbag or you’re determined to stick your head under the hand dyer for half an hour or so there is no way you will be able to get your hair back to the way it was. So using this product will at least allow you to have dry hair but without the frizz.

Waterproof Concealer. So, let’s start all again with the basics. Use some waterproof concealer to fix any wet streaks you may have. The best waterproof concealer for these type of dramas is a waterproof liquid correcter and concealer by Aterier Paris Make-up. 

Blot Powder. After fixing the mess the rain has made make sure you add an extra layer and cover any hints of damage the rain has done by using MAC’s pressed blot powder.

Waterproof Mascara. Now that you’ve sorted out any wet streaks with concealer and powder, it’s now time to sort out your eyes. After getting over the fact the rain has just ruined your entire look, your halfway there to recovery. Use Benefit’s badgal waterproof mascara to help you get your lashes back!

Waterproof Eyeliner. To complete your look all you need to apply now is Stila stay all day waterproof liquid eyeliner. Not only is this product waterproof to avoid any future disasters, it also stays on all day so there is no need to re-apply.

After using these simple products and following these steps you will be ready to face the day in no time. It will be like nothing ever happened. 

Do you have any beauty saviors to help us get through the down pour?

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