How To Survive Your Daily Commute


For most of us commuting on public transport takes up most of our mornings and evenings which we spend staring at the back of someones head. But unlike the many people who decide to commute by driving, we have one key advantage, we don’t have to focus on the road so we’re free to do anything we want. Personally, I like to be a bit more productive on my journey than just sitting there and reading the adverts several times. When travelling I do see a lot of people listening to their music, and that isn’t a bad thing, but why are we just sitting there wasting time when we could be doing something more.

So some of my tips and points are going to be a bit one sided due to the fact I’m a student and there are always things to be doing but I’ve tried my best to accommodate to everyone. Here is my list of how to survive your daily commute:

Read a newspaper/magazine. Personally, being a journalism student this one is kind of a no brainer. It helps towards research, getting yourself in the know and inspiration for any blog lovers out there. Even if you’re not a student reading newspapers and magazines still has its benefits. Again, you become more in the know about what’s happening around the world and it expands your mind of more knowledge and creativity.

Organise your to-do list. If you’re anything like me, you love writing lists but sometimes I have more than one list. Why not take the time to prioritize your lists and how you’re going to approach them. Organising your to-do list well allow you more time to actually do the things on the list rather than just writing them down.

Send those emails. If you have a tablet or laptop why not take the time to answer those emails you’ve been putting off all week? It also allows you to have the night free from anything work related.

Eat. So this one may seem like your wasting time but if you’ve missed breakfast being on a train or bus would be the perfect opportunity to eat some food. It also helps your concentrate more and become more productive.

Catch up on some programmes. So you’re a week behind on your favourite programmes and you barely have time to paint your nails at home so why not catch up whilst commuting? Or maybe you can catch up on your programmes whilst painting your nails? May seem like an odd thing to do at 9am in the morning but good looking nails are a must have so pop your favourite colour in your bag and load your tablet full of your favourite programmes.

Do you have any tips on how to spend your time effectively whilst commuting? If so, please share!

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