Get Excited To Start University With These Key Stationary Items

Whether you’re entering your first, second or third year, nothing is more important than notebook you will use for your notes. Returning into my third year I always get excited when it comes to stationary. Even when I was little I would always ask my mum for stationary for Christmases and Birthdays. Am I the only one? Buying new stationary just gets those lectures that little bit more fun. Here is my list of what key stationary items you should be turning up to University with:

Weekly Planners

normal_weekly-planner-notepad-illustratedNotonthehighstreet, £10

Keep organised with these weekly planners pads. Personally, I only discovered these at the end of my second year, where had I been, and I love them! Writing everything I need to accomplish and when throughout the week allows me to actually get the stuff done. It’s like a personal goal you set yourself.


notebook (esty)Etsy, £13.50

Everyone that needs to remember information needs a notebook to write it in and what’s more perfect than a notebook that just gives you the truth? Personally people often buy the notebooks with different sections in for different subjects but I never buy these. I always have one individual notebook per subject as it helps me concentrate and never get confused between any of the subjects.


41CLnItgPwLThe Present Finder, £6.99

Don’t these lipstick highlighters just look adorable? You are definitely guaranteed not to show up with the same stationary as someone else, unless they read this post of course. Although the pack includes purple instead of yellow these will be great for making those all important notes standout.


Midori-D-Clips-Penguin-31The Journal Shop, £5.99

Aww! I think I have fallen in love with paperclips all over again. You will definitely be the talk of the class with these cute penguin paperclips. You will just be scared that you may run out.

Post It Notes

il_570xN.646087079_q6ipEtsy, £1.36

Now when it comes to sticky post it notes you want something that will stand out as being honest, you’re going to have a lot of them sticking around (get it?). What’s not to love about these cute polar bear post it notes?


indigostory3pensetThe Magic Notebook, £8.50

Now, the most important stationary item that you will ever need so why not invest in some pretty ones?

Are you starting University soon? If so, what stationary have you bought?

All photo sources are linked to the websites above


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