8 Common Dilemma’s Every Girl With Flat Hair Has


There are a few truths about fine hair and just how we like to deal with it. Personally, I have so many hair products that claim they give you an uplifting boost and I love blow drying my hair upside down. It’s just a few things I have to go through when dealing with fine hair. Here are a some common problems girls have to deal with when it comes to fine hair:

Back Combing

We all know back combing kills our hair but it’s a temporary fix of having that fuller looking hair. A back combing brush is just one of many things you will find in my handbag. Just be careful you don’t over do it and end up with a beehive.

Static Hair

Static hair just isn’t fun but all of us ladies have to go through it. Bedhead spoil me mist is perfect for taming that flyaway hair. So when your hair has a mind of its own just simply spray at the mid shaft to the ends of the hair and you’re good to go.

”But you have a lot of hair”

So you may have fine hair but that’s OK because people tell you you have a lot of it. But that doesn’t stop us thinking about the future where we will lose our hair and what’s even worse we will be those old ladies with fine hair trying to cover up our scalps.


Yes, this is a thing for us fine hair women. We tend to get sunburn on the scalp which looks horrible. It gets even worse when it starts peeling. Using Malibu scalp protector will help keep your scalp from becoming sun burnt.

Blow Dry Upside Down

Just to give us that little bit of an extra oomph, we like to dry our hair upside down. No, just me?


Layers have to be the best thing to have ever been invented for hair. It creates volume and it’s so effective even the hairdressers as us fine hair women if we would like the cut.

Your Fringe Needs Extra Attention

Your fringe deals with a lot from wind, rain and grease. You have to wash it more frequently to avoid it sticking to your forehead. Also if it doesn’t sit right after a wash then you’re set for a bad hair day.


We tend to own twice as much products as the average women as we are lead to believe that this product will give you thicker and fuller hair and that product will claim to be light for your hair but in reality we still wake up the next day with our hair stuck to our heads due to the product being a little heavy. A product that I am just in love with right now is Phytovolume Actif Volumizing Spray by Phyto. It gives you volume without needing you to wash your hair a few hours later.

One thing we can celebrate about having fine hair is that we can style it however we like, hooray!

Do you have fine hair? If so, what common problems do you face?

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