Miniature Pamper Session


When you’ve just had a hectic weekend, busy week or or you’ve forgotten to look after yourself after not having the time, having a miniature pamper session is just what you need. There is nothing better than getting home and treating yourself to a few luxuries for the next few hours. As soon as I walk through the door my hair is scraped back and tied into a bun. Next, off comes the make-up. Run yourself a bath with some scented candles, vanilla for me and throw in some oils.

Whilst in the bath catch up on some reading or maybe treat yourself to painting your nails, my current favourite is Sunny Sweetie by Peggy Sage.  After the bath grab some tasty treats whether it’s a few biscuits or a big bar of chocolate. Indulge whilst flicking through blogs and replying to those all important email. Sometimes it’s nice to just sit down and scroll through your twitter or blog posts catching up on the last few days. This is of course if you don’t spend every minute of the day checking new posts to appear like me.

Now, before you fall asleep with a magazine over your face, apply a face mask (have you tried Beauty Pros Collagen Infused Facial Mask yet?) and allow it to work its magic. Ah, your hectic weekend is now all forgotten about.

How do you like to relax?


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