Living on a budget


After moving out of my parents house and into my own for nearly 3 years I’ve definitely looked at money a different way. If I ever needed to save I had to cut back on my spending, prioritise bills and budget. It can be hard trying to live on a budget, especially for us girls that like to shop, but since Will and I are deciding to move to Manchester next year, we both decided to stick to a budget in order to save some serious pennies.

So we’ve both set out some guidelines to help keep us on track and make sure that we, mostly me, don’t overspend. I thought I would share some of my tips and will hopefully help anyone else living on a budget…

Prioritise Any Debts. Now this one can be a bit draining and boring as no one wants to put money aside in order to pay off debts, but it’s important. If you find yourself dipping into the money every now and again, set up a direct debit payment plan as I found this easier and was seeing my debts shrink every month.

Cut Down On Personal Spending. This one can seem the hardest when it comes to living on a budget especially if you’re forever buying beauty products or snapping up the latest must-haves. But keeping in control of what you actually spend can help you budget more. If it helps give yourself a weekly allowance as we have found it has helped us a lot, which brings me to my next point:

Budget. The best thing I found to help me save money is to budget. We both budget every week on how much we have to spend on food and then any other outgoings like petrol or upcoming events and maybe even a few pennies to do something nice together, especially if you’re in our situation and you’re no longer living together for a little bit. Now this does seem a bit demanding and boring but the worst feeling you can get is getting to the middle or end of the month and find out you’ve overspent.

Stay Positive. At times we’ve both felt like we’re trapped when it comes to money but remembering why you’re saving in the first place helps you think positively about having to budget. We are both working hard in order to build our future together which makes us even more happier to save. It’s not all about saving and never being able to do the things you want. Every now and again Will and I will have a date night or buy something we’ve always wanted so we don’t always feel trapped. We always know that we are both on track to saving money and getting the future we both want.

I’d love to hear any tips you have for living on a budget. Any suggestions are more than welcome.


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