What I Wish I Could Tell My 16 Year Old Self About Beauty

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Beauty has always been part of my life and even though I am still learning, there are a few things I wish I knew when I was younger. Looking back at old photos I always cringe and think, ”why did I do that?”, or ”that colour doesn’t suit me.” Learning about beauty and what works best for me has allowed me to experience some bad beauty moments and I just wanted to share with you what I wish I could tell my 16 year old self about beauty.

Don’t over pluck your eyebrows. Now this one is a bit of a habit with some of us girls, even today but my worst beauty habit just so happened to be over plucking my brows. I think this only lasted a few months before I decided I look ridiculous. My brows are a light shade so you can hardly see them anyway. Now I just love colouring them in!

Don’t buy a darker foundation. When I was younger I would be obsessed with buying a darker foundation just because that would be the colour I wish I was. Walking round with a dark face and white neck just isn’t a look you should be supporting, neither is the ghost look so get your colour right and test the colour on your neck not your arm. Now I just embrace my whitest of white complexion and add a bit of colour here and there using blusher.

Don’t cheap out on products. Now this one is down to preference and what budget you have but looking back I would rather buy foundation that was going cheap rather than catering for my skins needs and spending that little bit extra. Having acne for most of my life I’ve started to buy the right products that support the healing process rather than slapping on some cheap tat.

Cleanse your skin. This doesn’t include using facial wipes either as they only get off some of the products you put on. What I’ve learnt over the past few years is that not only should you cleanse once but to cleanse twice. Get your make up off with facial wipes or cleansing water and then wash your face twice with your chosen face wash. Living with acne I have found that this works well for me as it can give me a deep cleanse.

Lay off the face scrub. Now I know this is recommended at least once a week but when you have acne this is a big no, even if there are face scrubs out there that tell you its for acne. Personally I will use a face scrub maybe once a month or a little longr as I don’t want me acne to become aggravated and turn red, not a pretty sight. Be gentle and use milk or foam cleansers as it’s soft on the skin.

Don’t over do it with the blush. Blush is there to compliment your cheeks and give you a subtle glow, not to look like a clown. Don’t over do it as in this situation, less is really more. A good tip is to use blush underneath your powder as it gives you a natural finish.

So I’m no expert when it comes to beauty but I do know some things. When growing up you tend to find things that work best for you. I know that I can’t use heavy foundations due to my acne and combination skin or that I only use a face scrub once every month. Try and cater to what your skin needs and not what you think it needs.

Do you have anything you wish you could tell your 16 year old self about beauty? I’d love to hear it.


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