What Beauty Blogs Have Taught Me Today


If it wasn’t for flicking through the pages of my favourite beauty blogs or watching hours of beauty tutorials then I’d be still learning how to create the perfect eyeliner flick. I have discovered my fair share of beauty tips when it comes to beauty blogs and I’m sure I’m not the only one. What I want to share with you today are what tips and tricks I’ve picked up on the way from, well, you. Now I don’t trust every beauty blogger out there as they are just like me, a consumer with an opinion and even though I’m no expert myself, I do however give you the truth and my experiences on products. Now, time for the beauty lessons…

The importance of brows. I’ve never really thought of my brows to be part as my make-up routine as before I would just over pluck them and leave them as that. Researching and discovering beauty blogs have pointed me in the right direction when it comes to filling them in. I keep them pretty low maintenance but filling them in has done me wonders and I can’t thank you beauty bloggers enough!

Double cleansing. Now I’ve lightly touched on this topic in one of my previous posts but I really cannot tell you enough that cleansing the face is now a big thing. Confession time. I used to use facial wipes to wash my face and use nothing else. Cringe i know but I didn’t realise until a few years back how important cleansing the face really is, especially with my skin problems. I’ve recently found that double cleansing is so much better for my skin and I can definitely see the difference.

Brands. Thanks to all of you lovely beauty bloggers out there I have discovered different brands that I have just grown to love, including Paul’s Choice, Neal Yard’s remedies, Clinique, Laura Mercier and many, many more. What are your favourites?

Primer. I have never noticed how important primer can be and how it really effects how long your make-up lasts. With combination skin I can get the best of both worlds of dry and oily skin, yay me. Usually I wouldn’t last half a day with my make-up still in tact without it falling off my face but after discovering primer I no longer have that problem. Thank you beauty bloggers.

Brushes. Before I fell in love with make-up I would usually slap I on with my fingers or those horrible sponges but after endless amounts of time watching beauty tutorials I found that brushes are a great way to apply make-up which personally seems a bit cleaner than my fingers. As long as you wash your brushes often that is.

Less is more. This may be an over used statement but it really is true. So long to the days I would give myself the panda look, not good on small eyes, the days where I would slap on the bronzer or to the days I would wear full on eye make-up and lipstick, which may be a good look on everyone else but me. Tone it down a bit and let the simple make-up speak for itself.

What’s the best thing you’ve discovered from reading beauty blogs?


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