Fueling My Foundation Addiction

I’m back! What a busy week its been. Now I cannot give you the perfect excuse for not blogging over the weekend but what I can do is tell you the truth. Over the past week I’ve been packing boxes and cleaning, starting my third year of university and my boyfriend and I moving in with our parents with the on going battle going on between us and our previous estate agents. All in all, the week has been hectic and I haven’t had the time to write or even the inspiration due to all the stress. Now, enough of the self pity and on to the important new discovery of the week, foundation…

When it comes to foundations I always become weak at the knees and just have to buy the next best thing, am I the only one? As soon as I hear of a foundation that provides a long lasting coverage, a smooth finish and a lightweight feel I just fall in love. I’m forever looking for foundations that will not only cater to my combination skin but also my acne. Becoming interested? Well not only does my new discovery cater for my personal needs but it also caters for my skins needs. What’s not to love?

Without teasing you anymore about my discovery, I introduce you to…

photo (1)

Exuviance Skin Caring Foundation. Now if you’ve heard of this foundation before then you would know it is a treatment foundation to help visibly reduce the signs of aging. It may seem a little odd that a 20-something beauty fanatic would purchase a foundation for aging (is it too early?) but I actually read in a magazine that it can also help with acne, brilliant right? Words of a dermatologist never lie so as soon as I read about this product I was straight on the internet researching.

The foundation claims to sort out the signs of aging but to also provide all-day coverage whilst giving protection with the added sunscreens. With my first application I noticed how light the foundation really is thinking I was applying water with a bit of added colour. For the first time in ages I’d actually found a foundation that gave me not only all-day coverage but also a gentle product to support the healing process of my acne. An added bonus is that you don’t even need to use a lot, which can allow the product to last that little bit longer, even better as it’s £26.50.

So to add to my ever growing collection of foundations, Exuviance has just been given a space on the shelf, congratulations!

Have you discovered any new foundations recently? If so, has it beaten any of your previous products?


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