What I’ve Learnt From Being An Older Sister

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I became a big sister when I was 4 years old. I can’t really remember when I was 4 but I do remember is that it wasn’t just me and my older brother anymore. I was no longer the younger sibling. 18 years later I have learnt that having a younger sister has taught me a lot about being an older sibling. Today I feel like I don’t just have a sister, I also have a friend. Here a few things I’ve learnt from having a sister:

Having a mini me. Since we were younger, I felt like I’ve always had a mini me or maybe even a twin following me around. It didn’t help the fact my mum was in love with making us look the same with our matching outfits. But as I got older I would begin to like my own things such as painting, reading and writing or being obsessed with a particular song but all of a sudden my younger sister would too. Growing up I have found this to be very annoying but now I’ve learnt that this was simply due to the fact that I was becoming a role model.

As much as you liked bossing someone around, it ends. When we were little I would always make my sister do and say things because I knew I would get in trouble if I did it myself. I remember going to the shop with my sister to buy something for my mum and I really wanted some chocolate so I bought some and made my sister hide it in her pocket. I thought I succeeded until we got home and my sister told my mum everything. Now I realise that my sister has her own personality and as much as you liked bossing her around and making her hide chocolate she will fight back and she does have her own voice.

Sometimes you just need to go with the flow. Being 22 and 18 my sister and I have developed our own personalities. I am the very organised where everything is planned down to the last minute (on a good day that is) whereas my sister is totally the opposite. She tends to go with the flow and is way more relaxed in difficult situations. I’ve learnt that life is too short to have every minute of the day planned out and that sometimes you should just throw out your day schedule, especially if it’s telling you what time you should take a shower, just me?

You have a sense of responsibility. When we were both going through school and living at home I would have a sense of responsibility when it came to making sure my sister did her homework on a day that wasn’t the day before the hand in. Even today I feel like I have someone to look out for on nights out or in general especially when it comes to boys or even so called friends. It’s only okay when I name call my sister and even though I do have an older brother to carry out other responsibilities, I still feel the urge to hunt down anyone that makes her cry.

Do you have a younger sibling? If so, I’d love to hear what you have learnt.



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