How To Boost Your Creativity


When you’re constantly writing, whether it’s a new blog post or university assignments, your creativity can fly out the window along with any spare time and a social life. Being in university can sometimes block my mind when it comes to writing posts. The best way I like to work is on my laptop at my desk with my feet up, a good cuppa and the TV turned on for background noise. But even after getting in my own environment my creativity can take a while before it pops up out of no where. If you feel the same and you can’t seem to focus, here are a few tips that can help boost your creativity:

Inspiration. Whether it’s watching a film, reading a book or flicking through the pages of the internet, creativity can spark up anywhere. Looking at original ideas can allow you to think of your own. Make sure you have a good angle and that you are producing your own content.

Start early. This may seem crazy but allowing yourself to get creative before your brain fails, makes it easier to focus on the important things before you get distracted. Why not clear your head beforehand by going for a walk? You never know how many ideas you think of while you’re just walking around.

Ideas. Being at university I’ve had to learn how to develop my ideas into more than one. So if you have an idea write it down and then try and turn it into 5 other ideas. This allows you to become more creative  by expanding your way of thinking. Even if you don’t use every single idea you may come back it later and think of a new one.

Try something new. If you’re used to doing the same things every week then why not change it up a little bit and try something new? Visit a new town or try a different coffee shop on a Saturday morning. You never know when an idea may pop up.

One piece of advice I would always give, is always have a pen and paper to hand. The best ideas are the ones you have at 3am in the morning so make sure you note them down. The beauty of ideas is that they can come from anyone, anything, anywhere at anytime, just be sure you have that pen ready.

Do you have any tips on how to boost your creativity? If so, I’d love to hear them.

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2 thoughts on “How To Boost Your Creativity

  1. I seem to do my best thinking early in the mornings, so I do most of my writing right after the hubby leaves for work.

    Ideas come most often for me near, or in, water.


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