Advice About Living With Acne


I’ve lived with a me for over 5 years now and it’s only since the middle of the year that I’ve actually been researching properly when it comes to products and how to really look after my skin. When I say acne, I don’t mean mean the odd spot here and there, I mean full on spot take over and at the age I am now, or any age to be honest, it can knock your self esteem.

Now, I’m not here to tell you I’ve found a miracle product and now I’m spot free (I wish), but I do want to share some advice for anyone struggling with acne. I’m no expert but I have had my fair share and is slowly learning on how to tackle them. Here is some advice I’ve learnt along the way which I religiously follow and is actually seeing results.

Don’t over complicate your skincare routine

Finding a simple routine allows your skin to feel the benefits and works with the skin to with the healing process. I would recommend using a cleanser, personally I use two as double cleansing can really benefit your skin, especially if you wear make-up. Then you would have a serum, an eye cream, a chemical exfoliant (amazing for acne), then a spot treatment. Just make sure you listen to what your skin needs as everyone’s is different.

keep things clean

Spots are a messy business and if you don’t look after them, or the tools you use, they will keep on spreading. Wash you face twice daily, do not use the same face cloth more than once, keep washing your make-up brushes daily and always remember to change your bedding frequently.

It’s not just about the products

It’s not just the skincare that plays a part with your acne. Don’t forget your diet, hormones and stress levels can even be the reason behind your acne.

Don’t forget about acne scars

just because your spots are gone, doesn’t mean the work stops there. Scars can be as horrible as acne itself so looking after them will really benefit you in the long run. This is where chemical exfoliant comes in. They are perfect for fading away acne scars.

When it comes to acne, everyone’s different so my advice isn’t for everyone. If you’re lucky enough, go and see a professional and if not, simply listen to your skin.

Do you have any acne advice? If so, I’d love to hear how you tackle it.

Photo Source: hellogiggles


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