7 signs you really are a grown up


One minute you’re cramming for those A-Level exams and thinking of the future and the next you’re applying to jobs and having catch ups with friends reminiscing over the past. Doesn’t matter how old (or young) you are life just passes us by. But when is the moment you realise that you’re now a grown up?

Personally I thought I was a grown up when I recieved my first wage slip. But as the years have passed I have now realised that I became an adult the day I moved out of my parents house. This may sound a bit cliche but phoning up company’s to sort out bills and doing the weekly shop has definitely made me feel like a proper grown up. Below are some signs that you’ve actually become an adult:

1. You start using your savings account. You no longer splash all your cash on clothes, make-up and shoes, well, sometimes.

2. You clean on a regular basis. Sundays start to become your house cleaning days.

3. You make subtle healthier food choices. Because you’re actually starting to feel the consequences of eating junk food. Fresh pasta, juices not from concerntrate and drinking sparkling flavoured water instead of Cola are just a few swaps I’ve made so far.

4. You now feel the benefits of sleeping 8 hours a day. Staying awake until the early hours of the morning are no longer appealing for the simple fact you’re just not a teenager anymore. You no enough sleep will benefit you the day after.

5. You have a drawer dedicated to medicine (cough drops, paracetamol and nasal spray). You start to use medicines in order to make you better rather than reaching for a bowl of ice cream to soothe your sore throat.

6. You actually stay on the phone for that 30 minute wait. There’s nothing more annoying than staying on hold for half an hour just so you can speak to a human being. We all feel rewarded when we finally sort out problems such as needing a new boiler or setting up our new internet connection.

7. When you no longer need your mum to do things for you. All the things you still had your mum do for you such as the washing, phoning up the electric bill and showing you how to work appliances. You’ve started to do these things all on your own without a second thought. You’re becoming a natural to everyday living.

When was the time you realised you turned into an adult?

Photo Source: thebus


3 thoughts on “7 signs you really are a grown up

  1. I realise when i overhear girly chats and you think wow I’m old cos they still have a lot to come and I wear mits and lather them in cream I’m old


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