What We All Go Through On A Monday Morning



We all hate Mondays, it’s like the crust of a full loaf, no one wants it. But we still have to get up and try to survive the day on very little sleep from the night before. We tend to go through different stages on a Monday and I have decided to write up 5 key stages of a Monday and what generally goes through my head.


Here we go again, another Monday to start the rest of the week. How am I ever going to survive getting through today when all I have had is 6 hours sleep, dry toast and managed to stain my shirt with coffee? How do I work Excel again?


Just 2 hours until lunch. Thankfully no one has noticed the coffee stain on my shirt, maybe that’s because I’ve been hiding behind my computer screen for the past few hours, but it’s working. Why did I go bed so late last night? From now on I will sleep early every Sunday night instead of watching crap TV.


Yes! It’s lunch. Woo I have gotten through the morning. Now to grab some lunch without anyone seeing how tired I look or the fact I have a coffee stain on my shirt.


I can do this! Just another 2 hours and I’m outta here. This whole Monday thing is so over-rated! I wonder what to cook for dinner, do I need to go shopping? Oh crap! Someone just noticed my coffee stain. I can’t do this! I don’t think I can make it. Why were Mondays ever invented?


Ahhh dinner time sat round the TV. Time to relax and put this Monday thing behind us. Tomorrow will be a brand new day (and a new shirt). I’ve done it! I have survived Monday!

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