Why Moving Back In With Your Parents Is A Good Idea


There comes a time in your life where you have to make the biggest decision of whether or not you should move back in with your parents. You may have lost your job, can’t afford to live on your own after finishing university or maybe you just need to save money. For me, I needed somewhere to stay between the transition of moving to a different estate agents. I wanted to wait to write this piece in case I totally had the opposite feelings towards the subject but after being here for over a month and my move in date for my new place set to be next week, I wanted to go through some good points to living with your parents. If you find yourself back at your parents, here are a few advantages to why it isn’t such a bad idea…

Free. The best reason why moving in with your mum and dad is a good idea is because everything is free. Rent, internet, council tax and electric are just bills of the past. I think this reason can speak for itself really.

Home Cooked Food. Now don’t get me wrong, I love cooking but sometimes it’s even better when you’re not the one doing it. What’s not to love about eating your mums home cooked food? Even though it is nice getting your food cooked for you, it is a bit of a habit helping out or even taking over. I like to be a bit organised when it comes to meals so I do write weekly meal plans so moving back home and not having this set up does throw me off my day a little.

Savings. This has got to be the main reason we all want to move back in with our parents. Personally, I’ve only been living with my mum just over a month and have my move in date for my flat next week (eek!) but even a few weeks gives you the opportunity to save. You don’t realise how much you spend/pay for until you see your savings grow. It also feels great when you reach certain saving goals.

Bonding. This may sound like a weird reason why you should move back in with the parents but it is definitely the most important. You actually get the time to spend with your parents without the worry of getting back home early as you have work the next day. You actually start to miss living at home and just being able to chat to your mum whenever you want instead of trying to call her at a good time. Sometimes you just need to be reminded that you do still need your parents whatever age you may be.

I’m hoping that if you’re in the middle of making this decision I have helped you in some way. Never think that you have somehow failed in life because the reason we make this decision is to better ourselfs and our life’s and sometimes we just need a helping hand. The only downfall of moving back in with your parents is that personally, I remembered why I wanted to move out in the first place but I regret nothing and still is the best decision I’ve ever made.

Have you moved back in with your parents? If so, what are your good points?

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