Magnifibres Brush-On Wand Review


We all know applying false lashes can be a bit of a drama, but what if there was a way of having bigger and fuller lashes without the fuss? Well, there really is and it comes in the shape of a mascara wand. You may think I’m about to tell you about a brand new mascara that gives you the fuller lash look but actually I’m about to tell you about Magnifibres.

Magnifibres brush-on wand is the new go to for when it comes to achieving that false lash look without the glue, the mess or the fuss. When it comes to false lashes I can spend up to half an hour applying them and getting them straight so when I heard about magnifibres I just had to give it a go. After applying your normal mascara simply use the wand and do the same as the mascara when applying. Then leave it 30 seconds before applying another coat of mascara. I did have a bit of a problem with some of the fibres as they nearly fell into my eye but with the success of the overall look it was something I definitely didn’t have a problem with.

Left: After applying Magnifibres, Right: No product applied



Left: Overall finished look using Magnifibres, Right: One coat of normal mascara



After seeing the results above you can clearly see how much bigger and fuller my lashes look and the bonus of having Magnifibres is the fact you can keep using it over and over again. So, if your like me and you’re not very handy with the lashes then Magnifibres may be the thing for you.

Have you tried Magnifibres before? If so, how does it work for you?


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