How To Get Back Into Things After The New Year



So it’s official. We’ve made it through the first week of the new year. But instead of taking on that ‘New Year, New You’ bandwagon,  all we feel like doing is wrapping ourselves in the comfort of our king size duvets, watching re runs of How I Met Your Mother and indulging into a tub of ice cream, just me? Alternatively we haul ourselves out of the snugness of our beds, make ourselves half decent and make a run for the door in the hope we make it in time for work.

But for some of us, especially me, need to be eased back into the 14 hours days of uni work, being a waitress, commuting and the occasional ‘me time’. Jumping in the deep end is definitely not how I like to do things. So, if you feel like your drowning a little and January’s pushing to be a bit much then all you need is a few tips and tricks.

Don’t rush into things. Normally, this is the kind of advice you hear from your mum after you’ve just spent the last two weeks trying to cram two years worth of romance with your new found love. No. This is all about setting limits and keeping things steady. Leave those meetings until the end of the week, or at least mid-week. All those important appointments you have to schedule whether it’s the dentist or a haircut or maybe even work errands – leave them until the end of January – your hair, teeth or buying new stationary can wait just a few more weeks.

Write some to-do lists. I really tried to think of another way to organise but I just simply love to-do lists as they, well work. Now, write yourself two different lists, one with quite small to-dos and the other with those big jobs that you’re just dreading. Mix it up a bit, give yourself a daily list with several small jobs and one or two big ones. This way you’re slowly knocking them out the way without the awful thought of it never being done.

Postpone your activities. Now this is going to sound weird and maybe unheard of but if you’re planning to join the gym or start some sort of class then wait. You may think I’m mad to suggest that you should postpone your ideal ‘New You’ package of starting the gym, the classes or the volunteering. But trust me. People that jam pack the start of their new years with too many activities quickly burn both ends of the candle.

Who says you have to start all of your new years revolutions all in one go? Spread them out and you’ll be sure to stick to them. Why start in January? Last year I decided I was to give up some type of junk food and instead of starting from January I gave up coca cola in July. Now I do agree that July may be a bit too late in the year but it’s now the following January and I still don’t drink any type of soda. Surely that’s good right? Anyway I think you get the point.

So what I’m trying to say here is take your time to get back into things, set yourself some limits and try to tackle those habits one at a time.



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