What Your Desk Really Needs To Keep Organised and Motivated


Personally, I’ve found that creating a work space allows you to stay organised and even a little motivated. Having to do uni assignments, features and blog posts all in one space I definitely needed to make sure I could cater for everything. But that’s not all. It wasn’t just my writing that seemed to keep organised but also my finances, invoices and other documents.

Everything has its place. Sounds slightly OCD but having a system put in place, for example having a certain spot for invoices, documents, meetings and even a designated place for your pen pot, stapler, sticky notes and note pads. Having some type of order to your work space can really help you stay organised both in mind and on paper.

Writers tools. It doesn’t matter how old we get, we’re always excited when it comes to stationary. For me, I have to mentally and physically stop myself from buying cute little notebooks every week. But just remember, the moment you start to overload and clutter your desk, the quicker you become unorganised and unmotivated, which brings me to my next point.

Daily routine. One of the first things I do when I get up in the morning is clear my desk, sort through my paperwork and check my to-do list I wrote the night before. Having a clear space really does give you a clear mind and in this case it’s your desk. As soon as I’ve finished my daily clean I somehow feel motivated enough to get me through the morning. If you feel you need a clean space from the moment you wake up then give yourself time in the evening.

Noticeboard. Along with post it notes, a weekly diary and a filling system, I also like to keep a noticeboard by the side of my desk. For me, my monthly bills gets placed upon the board with the prices and dates highlighted ready to be paid off. Once that’s done I then file them away. Knowing that I’ve visually kept an out-goings board I can keep on top of my finances. I also like to keep passwords and usernames as sometimes I do tend to forget what password belongs to which username.


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