How To Set Yourself Up For The Rest Of The Day


So many times I’ve pressed the snooze button on my phone and rolled back over to sleep. And so many times I’ve had to rush out the door with one hand in my coat sleeve and other holding the last bit of toast. And most of the time, the day will end up with me being stressed and counting down the hours until bedtime.

But how can I change that? How we start our mornings can really define how the rest of the day will plan out. Here’s a few techniques to not only improve your morning but also the rest of the day too…

Prepare The Night Before. If you’re normally up and out the door by 7 then preparing the night before can really help out, especially if you’re a fan to hitting the snooze button several times. Breakfast on the go, packing lunch, sorting out your bag and what goes inside or maybe even choosing your clothes can ALL be prepared the night before.

Breakfast On The Go. Lately I’ve been making my own breakfast pot. Simply grab a jar then put a layer of yoghurt, then strawberry jus and then top off with some granola. Perfect to make within 2 minutes and easily carry around in your handbag, just make sure you put the lid on first.

Wake Up Early. Now I know some of you enjoy hitting the snooze button but sometimes you just need the motivation. Allowing yourself extra time in the morning avoids feeling unprepared and most importantly, flustered. Why not read a chapter of your current book or simply sit and enjoy the outside world.

Steer Clear Of Technology. Especially if you work in an office the last thing you want to do is look at email or Facebook notifications right from the moment you wake up. Avoid checking for another few hours as this could just leave you feeling stressed even though your day hasn’t started yet.

Start your day right and you’ll be feeling motivated and refreshed from start to finish. Have you got any ideas for setting yourself up for the rest of the day?

Photo Via: Tumblr


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