How To Stay Motivated Throughout Your New Year’s Resolutions


It’s almost start of the second month of the year and most of us have already started their New Years Resolutions whether it’s joining the gym, writing more or cutting down on junk food. But what happens when we’re feeling unmotivated and regretting our decisions to start so early?

Once again we find we’ve put ourselves back to square one. Most of us starts and finishing their resolutions within the first month of the year due to being unmotivated. But don’t let it end there! It’s time to take a deep breath, declutter our diaries and start over.

Exercise. Now, with exercise being the biggest challenge on most people’s to-do list, it really can lack motivation. Instead of putting your workout gear away after a session, leave it out. Find a home to place them so every time you wake up or simply walk in the room, your brain visualises them and knows you need to do it. Also, place them by the spots your tend not to miss or spend most of your time at like the TV. The biggest change you could make which doesn’t even seem like your exercising is trying to turn your commute into a workout. Take your bike or just walk. The best part is that you don’t even need to take time out of your day to do it.

Writing. Like me, I have phases where I write a lot or not at all. But what tends to get me motivated is having a clear space, plan and sticking to a routine. Spend five minutes clearing up your work space and maybe even rearranging things. Having a clear space really does give you a clear mind. Now for the best bit, planning. If you haven’t already buy yourself a weekly planner. Make a note of the things you need to achieve in the week whether it’s to take pictures to support your blog posts, planning future posts or even research.

Flicking through magazines and looking at the small features may even spark up an idea for a new post or maybe going to various social events can get you inspired. There is so much of inspiration out there you just need to find a way to put it down onto paper. If you’re like me and simply turning on the computer and seeing a blank document staring back at you makes you feel more nerve wrecking then try something different. Recently I’ve downloaded the WordPress app onto my phone which allows me to not just blog where ever I want and when ever I want, it feels like I’m just simply talking to a friend. Just be sure to edit the content before you hit publish for changing any text friendly language.

Junk food. This has got to be the hardest resolution to stick to and to be honest I’ve failed myself. If you’ve read my post about ‘how to get back into thing’s after the New Year‘ then you would remember me saying that not everything has to start at the beginning of the year. Spread your resolutions out a bit as it’s more easy to focus on one thing rather than several. When it comes to junk food they can always find there way into your shopping basket or at the bottom of your handbag.

But the only way you’re not going to be tempted by junk food is if you don’t buy it. So the biggest advice I can ever give is to not buy it. This can be easily said than done as walking down the aisles and seeing big signs saying offers on your favourite snack can be weakening. Try doing your weekly shop online. Write a list of what you need through the week and try to stick to it. When it comes to the search bar just simply type in what you need and that way your eyes can’t and won’t wonder down the chocolate aisle.

Saving money. This may be a hard one due to the fact your in-goings and out-goings may frequently change. You gave yourself a goal but somehow you see it going further and further away before becoming a messy blur. One way I like to get back into saving is to write everything down. This will make you aware of how much comes in, how much comes out and how much you actually have left. If you feel you can’t make one then there are various free websites that do it for you.This will tell you what you ought to be saving on.

Another big money waster is doing the weekly shop whilst hungry or even emotional. This makes you want to splurge on the things you don’t really need just to give yourself a quick fix of happiness or fulfillment. Another way to stay motivated is maybe having another look at your saving goal. If you’ve set the bar high and you can’t seem to keep up, simply give yourself a new and lower amount and as often as you can. This way it seems less daunting and more manageable.


2 thoughts on “How To Stay Motivated Throughout Your New Year’s Resolutions

  1. A very honest post and I’m sure many people can relate to that. I can certainly relate to the saving money and writing one 🙂


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