Handbag Life Savers


Ahh handbags. They can be big, small, round, square, made out of leather, suede and all finished off with zips, buttons, poppers or even kept open. When it comes to these amazing inventions it can be quite hard to choose what goes inside. Personally, the bigger the bag the more crap I can hoard inside. I have everything but the kitchen sink and when it comes to the important must-haves I just simply go overboard.

I am a hoarder. Oh many times I have endured the wonderful challenge of trying to locate a pen that has become more of a chore than choice. I’ll end up rummudging through two months worth of receipts, endless amounts of chocolate wrappers and the over packed essentials just to find that it’s found its way to the middle of my diary. Or even worse, that I forgot to pack one. My bag is usually full of rubbish just because I’m too lazy to walk a few seconds out of my way to a bin or the fact I have no idea what to do with all my receipts.

You can put absolutely anything in a bag and as much as you want, as long as your willing to carry dead weight around for most part of the day. But over the years I’ve definitely tried my best to stop being so lazy and walk to the bin, if I don’t need a reciept then just simply refuse to take one and only pack one of each essential. Here are my handbag life savers…

Mints. For someone who isn’t a chewing gum fan, mints will simply have to do. These are my go to’s for when you’ve just ate some tuna pasta and your breath is starting to smell a bit funky. Make sure you never leave home without them because you never know what will be round the corner.

Deodorant. Roll ons, anti-perspirants, body sprays or even perfume, you need at least one of these in your handbag, or in my case all of them. Sometimes I don’t know which one to choose from so I like to pack a few for choice. Some of my favourite have to be Soap and Glory ‘Mist You Madly’ and Asda’s own Vanilla Body Spray.These are hands down the most important essential everyone needs, especially when you’ve ended up like a sweaty mess after running all the way to the station in the hope you don’t miss your train.

Diary. So this one is a bit of an obvious but I can’t go anywhere without it. I wouldn’t even be able to tell you what I was doing the next day if I didn’t have it. I write everything in there from work shifts and social events to bill dates and paydays. If you’re somehow living under a rock and don’t own a diary then you’re missing out big time. We may be living a few days past the start of February but it’s not too late to buy yourself one. The one I am in love with at the moment is a month by month overview AND day by day diary from Paperchase.

Wallet. Now I’m not talking about a purse but in fact a small wallet to hold personal things. So you may find it weird to have a bag inside a bag but sometimes it’s needed. In my wallet goes the wonderful ‘time of the month’ gifts, lipstick, bobby pins, loose earrings and practically anything you don’t want to loose in the bottom of your handbag. My current wallet I’m using came as a gift but one that is currently on my shopping list is the bits and bobs pouch from Alphabet bags.

Make-up. So, as mentioned before I’m currently looking for some new wallets so at the moment my make-up is left fighting for its survival in the contents of my bag. I’m not one for packing up make-up at all as I can just become too lazy for a touch up but for those times I catch myself in the mirror and all I can see is a shiny face staring back at me I tend to congratulate myself for packing my emergency products. This includes face powder, concealer and blotting sheets. More on this in another post.

Dry shampoo. If your starting your day in a bit of a rush and have no time for a shower then this can come in handy. My hair is really fine and even though I have a lot of it, it can become greasy a little too quickly. I’m not a fan of ruining the natural oils in my hair so washing everyday is simply out of the question. GARNIER Ultimate Blends Dry Shampoo with Vanilla Milk does the job very nicely. So long greasy hair.

Photo via: Tumblr


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