The Red Lipstick That Makes You Say ‘Ta da!’


When it comes to lipsticks I’m pretty clueless. I don’t know anything about the right shade, make or application. I think it’s safe to say, I always fake out from lipstick. It always reminds me of watching my dear old nan apply her favourite lippy before heading out and always thought it was for an older age. But watching and scouring the Internet for favourite shades and seeing that a lot of us ladies are giving it a go, and being successful at that, that I myself would go ahead and take the plunge.

For me I’m too boring as before I head out the door I’m always reaching for the comforts of my lip balm. But on the not so odd trip to Boots I thought I would head to No7 and give there shade tester a go. Being a tad brave I decided I wanted to go all out. Yeah, red lippy was on top of my wishlist and I was finally picking up the courage to try it out. Now at this point I was hoping that my chosen shade would be something subtle yet noticeable but of course the colour that would match such pale skin had to be pillar box red. Nerves were getting on top of me that I turned down trying it on and just grabbed the No7 Match Made Moisture Drench Lipstick, shakily handed over the money and made a run for the door. I had done it. I had just bought my very first red lipstick. Excitement and nerves took over as I got it out the bag and applied it on straight away…Ta da!

This lipstick definitely gave the ultimate statement of all beauty products out there. I instantly felt confident and maybe a little bit, dare I say it, sexy. Of course this only lasted a few seconds before my nerves took over. Does it look right? Do my lips look too small? Can I pull this off? All these thoughts were running around in my head. I took a deep breath and I walked out the door…

For a red lipstick we all look for a product that will last the whole entire day without so much as a smudge. A lipstick that not only keeps our lips drenched with moisture but also easy enough to take off. Omg does this product deliver and much more! I didn’t need to re-apply, it kept my lips soft and it came off with one swipe of a make-up wipe, what more can you ask for?

What did trying lipstick for the first time feel like to you?



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