The New Makeup ExChanger Launches Today!


After coming home with a bag full of goodies or you’ve finally dragged yourself away from the ‘add to cart’ button on Sephora, you begin to realise that you just don’t have anywhere to put your new makeup purchases. Did we really need to buy 5 different shades of red lipstick?

This is a common problem with us beauty hoarders and sometimes we don’t even end up using the make lips softer, lose dead skin and somehow change the size of your lips lip gloss. The reality is, we buy stuff, maybe use it once or twice or not at all and then fling it in the back of your drawer with the rest of the forgotten purchases. But what if there was a way that would clear up some cupboard space, claim at least half of your money back and help someone else out in the process? Match made in heaven, don’t you think?

What is this wonderful process you are talking of I hear you say? I am talking about a beauty exchange website that allows you to sell your unwanted makeup products whether it’s used or so brand new that it’s still in its packaging. I am talking about the launch of a new website called Makeup Exchanger. It allows you to set up your own shop and sell anything you want, regarding its beauty related, browse and search the website to find that one product you thought you would never be able to find. MuEX’s founder, Amara Wattanasook says, “The reason why I started MuEx is because I think we spend a tonne of money on makeup products that we end up not using, but other people would love to have them! I know that a lot of girls have the same problem so I thought I would try and make this site.”

All you need is a Paypal account, a love for makeup and a postcode. Go ahead, give it a try.

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