My Week Experiencing London Commuting


London, the capital of England, the most popular city we all love whether it’s for a bit of shopping, exploring or work. Recently visiting London for a whole week for work experience has been like no other. I mean, I’ve never actually spent more than two days in the city so being there for a week felt quite different. So, I stayed in Kent and commuted into London, oh how I love commuting into a completely different town or city. After my week was over I’ve decided that I love the city but hate the overcrowded trains and tubes, I mean, who does?

Passing in and out of fellow passengers I felt like Jonny Wilkinson when he runs swiftly around the opposing team, or shall I say opposing commuters, trying his hardest to reach the finish line and proudly throw that ball on the ground, I’m guessing this is what happens, please if I have somehow got rugby wrong don’t hesitate to comment and tell me. I almost feel as proud when I finally reach the train looking all beetroot red and sweating as I run along and I’m able to throw my bag onto the nearest vacant seat.

Although it’s like a battlefield really. You go to war with the likes of the mothers who rally up her troops who all decide to go separate ways, the serious business men who all knew where they were going for what time but don’t always keep their calm when it comes to fighting with a tourist on getting through the ticket gates first, the slow walkers who obviously don’t have anywhere to be, who are the tourists fighting with the business men and then there’s you, slight tourist, slight business man, or woman, fighting with yourself as you try to find the right tubes and terminals and god forbid the right form of transport in order to get to that work experience office you called home for the past week.

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re going because all that matters is that we’re all here to do something we want. Whether it’s starting or closing a business deal, maybe start a model career or be a photographer, a writer, or someone that just wants to see another city or anything in the world, the thought of being in a big city is just…exciting. So, I felt exhausted by the end of day one and I wanted to give up by day three, experiencing someone else’s world somehow inspires me to carry on. We all know that in order to be someone who is great at what they do, they need to stand out, work hard and believe in yourself and getting a glimpse of London and experiencing just one journalism office just makes me want to do that and more.

I don’t really know what I want to say here but I do know that if you want something you’ve always dreamed of then don’t let anything stand in your way. Make mistakes, follow your instincts and just have fun in the process, you never know where you might end up.

But for the next time I step foot into the capital and I need to pass in and out of the barriers and fellow commuters, It’s game on.


Photo Via BBC


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