Family Outings and Annoying People



Every time you travel, you will always find yourself stuck in a queue behind one of those families you will eventually begin to hate. Not only does there seem to be a large amount of members, enough in order to require a minibus or some how fill in for half a football team and where you always see the mother counting heads to make sure she hasn’t lost one in the car park or trying to rally them all round in order to complete the check in at the airport but also the ones that leave the important things until last. Like organising passports and getting the right documents ready whilst waiting in the queue. No. Instead they wait until they have been called up to only fling their bag on the floor and try their best to fiddle round the entire contents of a bag to find the passports and confirmation letters.

All of them surrounding the tiny lady behind the counter who has started to give that tired and pissed expression she gives once she has survived the last 11 hours of her shift of which she will happily finishing right after she has checked every passenger of this flight but seems to be held up by one of those annoying families that can’t seem to find the last passport. That family that now stands between them and her clocking off to head to bed possibly after a few vodka cranberries.

But as I tell you the most annoying and somehow embarrassing moment of ‘one of those’ families and how you say you will never be one, the actual reality is that my family just so happens to be them. And we know it. When it comes to outings we each cringe of the thought of being embarrassing by holding everyone up and not being organised but when it comes to us all being together, we can find ourselves turning into that family. We become the opposite of organised at the airport, we embrass ourselves on holiday by accidentally slipping out of the pool and nearly cracking our head open, being caught with a bag full of food as we enter a water park and it end up being confiscated and obliviously shouting towards each other even though we’re sat next to one another. The list is endless we could be here all day. But the point is is that even though we become the that family in which everyone starts to hate, I couldn’t ask for anything better than that. We may slightly embrass ourselves when it comes to group gatherings but we also become the best of ourselves when we are together and I would choose that over anything any day even if you do have to stop your mum from saying something embarrassing loud in the middle of a shop like ”can you see my bum” after slightly ripping a hole in the bottom of her dress. It happens.

5 people that I find more annoying whilst on a flight:

1. That man that decides to take his shoes off and reveal that he isn’t wearing socks

2. The couple beside you who spend the entire flight a tangled mess of limbs making out

3. Every child that sits behind you and insists on banging your chair with their feet or favourite toy

4. Snoring (enough said)

5. Again, smelly feet


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