Skin Envy – Acne Free And A Bit Of A Glow


I have enormous skin envy. The sort of envy where I will happily stare at people’s faces whether it’s in a photo, on the TV or in person. Clear and acne free skin. Skin that doesn’t have traces of blemishes, dull complexion or dry spots. Skin that glows perfectly in all four seasons no matter the weather condition, skin that doesn’t reveal acne at the first sign of stress or skin that looks flawless with or without make up. I once saw a woman with skin so perfect and flawless I almost took a secret photo of her. I’m not even kidding, I found myself opening the camera on my phone and lifting it up in position and ready to snap away. That was until she caught me. Call me crazy but I fell in love with her skin.

There is just an amazing feeling you get when you’re having such a good skin day that you just want to re live the same day forever. Properly looked after inside and out, the skin can be a work of art. Fully made up, quick do up before rushing out the door or going Au natural, I would just love skin that I would be happy living in for the rest of my life – which will probably be acne free and a hint of glow.

So I may not think of myself as an amazing dermatologist and know the ins and outs of the skin but I have learnt the basics when it comes to coverage. Although I will still find it difficult to live with acne, the 10 years I have managed I have come across some of the best products and techniques to hide it from the rest of the world. Thumbs up and a big fat tick to L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24HR Matte Mattifying Foundation for allowing me to go through the day without so much as a shine to my forehead and cheeks. But what has helped me fake my way towards perfect skin is double using concealer. Use it before and after foundation in order to hide away those difficult red spots.

At the moment I may not brace my natural skin and allow everyone to see what flaws I hide beneath but what I have accepted is that I am not the only one. Would I have led a different life if I had never experienced what it was like to live with acne? The answer: who knows. But what I can say is that thanks to make up and all of you guys showing your techniques of how to conceal and achieve the perfect glow, my skin couldn’t look or feel any better than it does now.

This somehow feels good. Feels like I’ve made a little progress. The acceptance of living with a flaw and knowing that even when I do get the urge to take pictures of strangers, acne won’t stop me from achieving the same glow. But a tube of Amazing Concealer is always best kept within the contents of your beauty bag. Well, there’s no point in completely going Au natural yet is there?


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