Anxiety: Living With Life And Building The Courage To Live

Hello my lovelies!! I’ve missed you all. It actually feels weird to be typing once again as I haven’t written anything in so long. I’ve been through a very long phase of doing nothing,  not because I’m lazy but because I find it hard to concerntrate and trying my hardest to settle into life without university and to be honest, it’s a bit hard. The constant feeling of wanting to get a great career and start your life but faced with the reality of being in a job just to get money and having to deal with anxiety issues and break ups and moving homes and starting new jobs and it’s all just have gotten the better of me. 

I’m not the one to really go into the personals of my life but I feel like it’s the right time to not only entertain, give advice, be supportive and just be plain awesome with my other materials but to also bring a bit of life into my blog. So from this day forward I will try my best to live with anxiety, accept who I am and wherever  I am in my life right now and to also share with you some of my day to day struggles and to share with you how I go about doing things. The lessons I want to give and share are to accept yourself as you are and improving your mental health along the way. Now this should be the right time to tell you I’m not a pro but I do have enough experience with my issues and maybe one of you out there will read my blog and without me knowing, it will get you through the day.

Now you may already read upon millions and millions of posts on how to cope with anxiety or everyday tasks but maybe one day…I will be up there amongst your Top 10 and loving life. So to start this post off  I wanted to share with you how to cope with negative thoughts and general comments. First, grab yourself a notebook that you can take anywhere and a beautiful pen to accompany it. Whenever you come across a negative thought or comment what I find helps is to write it down. Once the thought or comment is written down you no longer have the guilt of it roaming around your mind and making you feel like crap. Sometimes I will immediately write down 5 things I love about myself or maybe 5 ways to change what is so negative or to even accept it. But when I’m having a really bad day I’ll leave it a couple of days and come back to it when I’m feeling better. Does it really help?

To be honest, only if you believe that one day you will feel ok and there is nothing in the world that is permanent or that you can’t change. This may make you feel silly but you get used to it and I find that I instantly feel better about myself or the situation. Just one day at a time. 


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