Nervous Biting And Nourishing Hand Cream

Ok. So maybe I’m not the only one here who bites their nails and even the skin around your nails. And let’s not forget about our guilty pleasure of biting the skin off our lips…just me? Ok so I’m a nervous biter and it isn’t girly in the slightest. I like having nice nails and cute smooth lips but as I have the tendency to overthink, get anxious, become nervous and just plain worries, biting is my way to focus on things. But that’s not all…

As part of my anxiety, at least I think so, I sort of have habits that I can control. I’m not taking about smoking or drinking but instead arm flinches, constant movement of the hands, muscle flexing and weird leg and feet religious moves. So this may sound a bit weird and I’m not sure how and why it started but ever since I was little I had these little ‘quirks’ that seemed to take over my life and people definitely noticed. Weird looks, nasty comments and even taking the trip to the hospital every week to see if I had a problem.

They’ve changed as I have moved my way through life and at the moment they’re not as noticeable they once were. As I’m writing this there is a lot of lip biting happening as I’m too nervous and anxious to see what the outcome of this post will bring but at the moment my longest standing ‘quirk’ and biggest thing I do is running my finger over the top of my nails and using my one set of hands/nails and my teeth as some sort of nail file removing the dirt. Ok so it sounds much more complicated and weird but it really isn’t. At least I don’t think so. Whenever I’m in a nervous situation you’ll see me messing around with my hands and sometimes I don’t even realise I do it until someone points it out.

Ok so enough of the weird ‘quirks’ I have and back to the biting. Some weeks the skin around my nails and my actual nails will look rough and just chewed so when it comes to hand creams I like ones that are light on my skin but soothing and drys quickly, oh and don’t forget the smell. One product I find that ticks all of these is Emma Bridgewater Feels Like Home Hand Cream.

It leaves my hands smelling lovely, with a mix of camomile, lavender and orange blossom and leaving them nourished. Within a few days you can hardly notice the wreckage I’ve bought upon my skin and looks almost new. I know that’s weird, I mean what does new skin look like but it’s sort of what you would look like after you’ve been bathing in beautiful oils for the past few hours. Soft, smells Devine and skin so soft it makes my habit even worse. So whether or not you have a habit of nail/skin biting give this a try and you will definitely not regret it.


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