To See The Ex Or Not To See The Ex? Facebook Will Soon Let You Do Both


Break-ups are the worst for everyone. We spend our mourning stages constantly battling between feeling like you’re doing OK and dancing around to ‘’we are never ever ever, getting back together’’ and sobbing through mouthfuls of ice cream, looking at old photos and stalking your ex on Facebook *Guilty*.  But Facebook has recently started testing new ways to ease the heartache of break-ups allowing ex’s to see fewer posts without actually having to unfriend or block them.

The new tool will start trailing around the United States with plans to spread the changes throughout the rest of the world after receiving feedback. The tools are said to be an option once you have notified the social network that you are no longer in a relationship. This includes photos, videos and updates not being seen by the ex, so you don’t need to be embarrassed when a new video is uploaded of you dancing on the tables singing ‘’someone like you’’ trying to do your best Adele impression. But what if one of you wants to use this new tool but the other wants to get rid? What then?

So what do we think? Are we going to think nothing of it and delete the ex off Facebook anyway or embrace the new tool so you can decide whether or not you want them to see what you’ve been up to? Either way there’s still some stalking involved.

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2 thoughts on “To See The Ex Or Not To See The Ex? Facebook Will Soon Let You Do Both

  1. It’s so nice to encounter posts like these! I’ve written a few attempts about love and break ups myself. I hope you read them and give me advice. I hope to be better in writing 🙂


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