Death By Bargains

It’s come to that time of year again for the American celebration where pushing and shoving people becomes the norm, the streets are filled with too many people and at the end of it you sit crying whilst looking at your recent bank statement. Yes people, we are talking about Black Friday which takes place all this week.

Although we may not share the festive traditions of thanks giving we have instead opted to take part in one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Massive discounts, early morning starts and what seems to be a perfectly good reason to push, shove and violently grab for that last gorgeous tanned handbag that would definitely match all outfits.

In order to be the proud owner of that gorgeous tanned handbag and simply survive the crowds of people I have come up with a few tips and tricks to ensure you experience the best of Black Friday.

Research. If you do decide to go out and brave the mayhem in the cold this week make sure you do your homework. Many retailers higher the price in advance of the sales so make sure you know how much it’s actually retailed for.

Online and In-Stores. Instead of settling for the first bargain you see do check all other retailers incase you’re able to seek out a better price.

Hold Off. Not only is it Black Friday but it’s also Cyber Monday so you may even be able to get the things you want for even lower prices. Bargain.

Don’t Get Pulled In. If you’re shopping for certain things do not get roped into buying something you didn’t want in the first place. Not only will this save you money but there’s also less of a chance of seeing the items you did want to be gone.

Take a Friend. Always take someone with you as they can help you find your items quicker, become a bodyguard for people that get too close and you have two extra pairs of hands to help carry your shopping.

If all else fails or running from shop to shop all sweaty doesn’t sound that appealing then why not try your luck online. What does sound appealing is doing it with some hot chocolate in front of the fire with your big and cosy PJ’s on. Ahh…
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