cameras banned in amsterdam museum


Why is it that every time we get told don’t touch that, you can’t do this there’s something inside of us that wants to do exactly that? Whether it’s the inner child in us or if we are just all that curious, as soon as we see that ‘do not press the button’ sign, well we just want to reach over and press it. Several times. The same can be said for when you’re told not to take photos or videos during certain performances or events. When it comes down to it we all want to take photos to show off, tell people you’ve actually been outside the comforts of the same four walls this week or to prove to people that you’ve actually done it. But the biggest reason we want to take photos of what we’ve done or what we’ve seen is so we can upload it onto Instagram and showcase it to the world along with the perfect filter. Just me?

There are so many places and events that have decided to have a no camera policy and one to join them this week is the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. The reasons for this is not however to simply tell people what they can and can’t do but instead for a campaign they are running. The campaign, #startdrawing is said to allow and encourage visitors of the museum to appreciate the art and even try to sketch some of the work displayed. So what do we think?

Personally, I love the idea. Not only is the campaign allowing you to express your love for art but to also get involved with a bit of history. Although I would comment that cameras shouldn’t become an item to be banned as it is simply not a weapon of some kind. We all use cameras for different reasons and one of them is to capture the moment which can’t really be done with drawings.

Now don’t get me wrong I do believe this could work and really does show a new way of seeing art in a different light. Being able to see things you wouldn’t have if you had just taken a picture and for that I am for the campaign. Who knows, I may even be the next Picasso.

Find out more about the camera ban from the original source:

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