What A Bloody Tax Mess

If you’ve been following the recent debates about tampon tax then you would know us women were all denied the right for them not to be taxed. Since this was said, by a bunch of blokes by the way, women everywhere have been standing up for their rights as a woman with various statements. According to the government tampons are known as ‘luxuries’ that we decide to indulge in. So to make a point there has been an outbreak of us girls posting photos online with our luxuries and even going to the extent of not wearing any tampons at all.

I do understand the clear messages women are trying to get across and that we simply cannot choose whether or not we have a period so why are they classed as luxuries and why should we have to pay extra. The aftermath has been quite the conversation starter and with so many of us fighting back we actually had another debate.

Unfortunately we were declined once again, again by a room full of males and for some strange reason instead of allowing us women to purchase such things every month without tax it has been decided that the extra money we pay will go towards women’s charities. Ok I do agree it does sound better than the government pocketing a little income off our monthly unconviences I don’t agree that we are basically forced to give our money to charities. What’s even worse is that MP George Osborne is taking the credit for raising money for charities.

I know some of you are going to think I’m some sort of witch that doesn’t agree with charities because that is not the case here. What I’m trying to get across is that it seems like the wool has been pulled over our eyes once again. I think it’s important to point out here that women’s razors are more costly than males because we are considered to be a more frequent user than men. Really?? It’s a good job I opt for men’s when it comes to razor shopping.

The truth is we were never going to win this war and know that the money is going towards women charities it will automatically shut us up because they think they’re doing good for once. Well if we can’t have tax off our tampons can we have it off chocolate instead? Don’t know about you but it would certainly make my time of the month much happier for my body. What do you think?

Photo Via Pinterest


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