Morning Person Or Night Owl?

Lately we’ve been reading about celebrities early morning routines and how having a 9pm-5am sleeping pattern can really help you be more productive. And if you’re not a morning person then you must be a night owl right? I’m always shocked when my sister is up until at least 3am blogging and finishing her coursework and still tries to make it up for 6am. I mean, is she crazy?

But I’ve realised that I’m not either.  Or I may actually be both. I’m not a morning person and well I think I’m too old for these ‘all-nighters.’ Let’s just say I have a day off I can easily stay in bed until 11ish, I blame the thick duvet and a mattress on top of a mattress, but as soon as it hits 10pm I just want to  be in bed. But on other days I can happily awaken around 8ish and still go to bed around 1am. I know that when it comes to when is my best performance and when I do my best work I would have to say the middle of the day. Am I the only one?

Around 5pm I can either be finishing work or just started and I find that my mind is more awake than my body is. As I write this it’s currently 6.09pm. Is there such a thing as a middle person? Or maybe I’m just that tired and lazy that I don’t want to wake up at six or seven and that as soon as it’s acceptable I just want to get into bed again. But it all got me thinking…what would I be able to do if I woke up at five? (Realistically)

Watch a Film or Two. So I’m trying to keep it real here and this is definitely one of the things I could do if I had a 5am start. Or maybe a few more episode of Once Upon A Time, are you a fan of dark swan?

Go For a Run. Ok so maybe I’m lying  about wanting to go for a run in the cold weather, very dark mornings and avoiding wanting to be seen. But we can all dream can’t we? No?

Shower. This may sound a bit too boring but if you live with other people that are always hogging the bathroom then you would simply love to get in there first. Imagine being the first one to use the fresh hot water without knocks on the door asking when you will be finished.

Put your face on. So I have a little plan that I’ve already tested but think of it this way. Take your time putting on your make up and then instead of getting up just go back to sleep. When you wake up in a rush well it’s just a case of grabbing your bag and running out the door. Genius right?

Photo Via Pinterest


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