Surgery To Give Men Their Own Wombs…What Next?


When it comes to all the people out there and what amazing things they can do with medicine nowadays I still become speechless. I mean, the treatment for fertility issues has come so far in the past few years it has helped so many women. But recently it’s been mentioned that in five or so years there is a possibility that women won’t be the only ones to be able to carry a child but men too. Uterus transplantation has been an emerging procedure with new research still being developed. It has been said that given women and transgender women are able to go through the process then it can easily be done for men too. Would that really be an option?

More importantly, I have so many questions to ask I cannot even begin to think about where I would start. I think first, I should start with my own opinion which may or may not offend some of you but it has to contain the truth right? So when I think about children, wombs and birth I just can’t picture men. I’m sorry but I just don’t think that natural process needs to be messed with. So where do we go from there?

Not only do I not agree with screwing up and totally tipping the traditional ways of life upside down but what about the more serious matters. Where will these wombs come from? Is it going to become a permanent option on the donor list? Are women going to be given an opportunity to give away theirs if they decide that children are not for them? Would that even work? I mean, I have no idea when it comes to medicine, science and well anything in any similar department but can you possibly stick some women’s womb into a man?

Ok, so I do know that male and female anatomies are not that different but in order to make this work it will take time. It will also no doubt cost loads of money in medicine, space to carry out the procedure but also take the time away from patients with serious illnesses to perform these extra surgeries. Personally, I think there are enough problems out there medically that we shouldn’t be welcoming in new ones. What is wrong with the system we already have? They say, if it isn’t a problem then why fix it?

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