Would You Glitter Your Pits?

As we know, women are not scared to make a statement and when I mean a statement I mean going far beyond your usual message. By this I mean not only letting people know what they support they also put it all over the Internet. The first trend of women and their under arms was deciding whether or not to shave their armpits as a message to say that it is their bodies and they can do what they want. And they weren’t the only ones as the likes of Miley Cyrus, Julia Roberts, Madonna and lots more joined in too. Are they insane?

Ok so I do agree with the fact women do have the final say over their own bodies, I mean it’s ours right? But to use such a personal and hygienic matter to promote it doesn’t seem worth it. But that’s not all as in the past few days the whole armpit trend has started again but this time instead of out growing your hair it is replaced with glitter. Yes, glitter. I just don’t get it. I mean it’s not as serious or as (personally) unhygienic as hairy under arms and I suppose it is just a bit of fun but have you ever experienced spraying your pits too close and end up getting loads of white bits falling off onto your top? Well this glitter trend just reminds me of that and I don’t know about you but I cannot stand the feeling of something being there under my armpit. Am I the only one?

So I get that it means we don’t have to take our bodies seriously and that we can do whatever we want but the idea of mixing that important message with a kind of personal hygiene just shouldn’t mix. If I ever wake up and realise I have armpit hair just a tiny bit I’m straight in the shower to get rid of it and to be honest it’s because I have that horrible voice in the back of my head telling me if I have hair then I’m dirty. It’s the same for my lady garden and my legs I just can’t help it. Every winter or for every time someone ends up single I always see the same message of ”Now I don’t need to worry about shaving my legs” really does just make me shiver. Personally if I had it my way I would just get rid of the lot apart from my eyebrow and hair obviously as it just gets in my way. Would you glitter or out grow your pits?
Photo Via Tumblr


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