Something Better Than Wi-Fi…How About Li-Fi

Can we all just stop for a second while I catch my breath? You all may think I’m about to tell you about how bad I am at running and the worlds greatest tips to run without even moving but not today. Lately every time I read or watch the news I am absolutely gobsmacked with how well things can change. You may have read one of my latest posts about a type of surgery that can potentially give men their own wombs so hopefully you can understand when I say please slow down.

I feel like the world is whizzing past me updating itself and everything in it and I’m just here like ‘Hello!’ Ok so this time in the land of amazing geniuses there has been an update with Wi-Fi. What can be better than that? Well a lightbulb apparently and it’s being called ”Li-Fi.” The new technology will be able to use the light waves from the LED bulbs to deliver internet that is not only cheaper but also 100 times faster than your ordinary broadband. I bet Thomas Edison didn’t expect that one coming.

“Li-Fi was invented by Harald Hass from the university of Edinburgh, Scotland back in 2011, when he demonstrated for the first time that by flickering the light from a single LED, he could transmit far more data than a cellular tower” –

So now for the science bit. LiFi will use 802.11 protocols; but it uses visible light communication (instead of frequency waves), which has a much wider bandwidth. (Original content: Wikipedia.) Wow, before you know it they’ll be another everyday item that could be used for something else like bacon smelling knickers for instance.

Honestly, every time I hear or see a new kind of technology or medical drug or anything like that it just reminds me of the time I watch the films where they are car flying and everything is technology and to be honest, it freaks me out. I mean I know that this won’t happen in my lifetime, hopefully, but the idea of technology taking over general tasks in which people do or new type of WiFi does make me wonder what life is going to be like in five or 10 years. I think I’d just settle for something that could make and bring me a cup of tea without myself having to move. Ahh, lovely.

Top 5 magical things we could all do with:

1. At the click of your fingers your hair has been washed and blow dried.

2. Something that could take us from work straight to home in a flash.

3. Where milk would automatically appear when you’ve run out.

4. To click onto any piece of clothing and it appears in your wardrobe. Too optimistic?

5. To be able to become invisible. Too Harry Potter?

Photo Via Pinterest


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