Introducing The Quiet Chair

I hate small talk. It’s not exactly the talking bit that I hate it’s the fact that I’m too scared incase it’s awkward. I mean, I know I shouldn’t just assume it will be awkward but what it comes to “how have you been” and “what are you doing with your life” just doesn’t interest me especially if it’s in the hairdressers. Ok I now that sounds horrible but it just terrifies me more than anything. Call it the aneixty but it all just seems nerve wrecking. Well, now there’s a simple solution.

Cardiff hairdressers Bauhuas has come up with a totally new refurb to help avoid small talk. But I’m not quite sure this is the answer. The hair salon has introduced the ‘quiet chair.’ This allows you to peacefully yet worryingly sit back and let the hairdresser do their thing. Just let your mind go blank without having to worry what your answers are going to be. Owner Scott Miller encourages women today to be able to spend their spare hour in the day quiet and not have to do the whole small talk thing. To be able to relax reading magazines or browsing on your phone whilst having your hair cut. But is that really the reason why women don’t like it?

Personally, I feel like the reason I hate small talk is nothing to do with me being busy. It’s to do with the questions and how I don’t like being put on a spot. With aneixty I find it hard to talk to new people or sometimes even with friends and having small talk can literally scare me. I love the idea of this and I would love to give it a try but I would absolutely hate the awkward moment of being asked “would you like the quiet chair?”

I think it’s safe to say that I will still try and avoid the hairdressers as long as I can. If that means over growing layers and a bit of stuck up hair I call a fringe then so be it. I shall remain to be cousin ‘It’ just to escape the small talk and some time in the future the awkward and embrassing question of whether or not you would like the ‘quiet chair.’

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