Should The UK Legalise Prostitution 


In one British city police are turning a blind eye to prostitution after actions of a red light district becoming legal.

In Leeds they have decided to come up with an initiative in order to help prostitution become a little more safe. From 7pm till 7am women will be allowed to kerb the streets looking for work. If this works you could very well have a red light district in all major cities.

Prostitution itself is not illegal but kerb crawling, pimping and keeping a brothel are. Should this even be a discussion?

Prostitution should not be done at all no matter what your circumstances are. But for it to become legalised so you can kerb crawl and offer your services willy nilly is even worse and definitely looking for reactions. So the point being made is that it should offer saftey to these women but why should we just accept the fact it happens and hey why not support them at the same time? This shouldn’t be happening and most importantly what message are you sending out there?

Everyone is going to think that being a prostitute is a good thing and that it’s actually a job whereas it’s the total opposite. Ok so whether or not this was in action I’m sure people out there are going to continue such things as kerb crawling but just because it’s such a big issue out there doesn’t mean we should just lie down and accept it. Is this world for real?

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