Retailers Charge More If You Are A Woman

Soon women everywhere will be shaving with men’s razors, using men’s deodorant and even wearing men’s clothing…wait, don’t we already do this?

According to research by The Times women’s item are found to be 37% more expensive than men’s. The conducted research was taken from high street retailers such as Boots, Amazon and Tesco. Doesn’t it just suck to be a girl sometimes.

Ok so females are known to buy a lot more clothes, make up and perfume but for essentials like razors, deodorants and tampons…unacceptable. It’s no surprise women everywhere have started buying men’s items because they’re cheaper and not to mention women that purchase male clothing. One of the biggest price jumps for women is actually jeans. Women could pay around £80 whereas men would only have to pay £32 from the same retailer.

Maria Miller, Chair of the women and equalities select committee, told The Times “It is unacceptable that women face higher costs for the same products just because they are targeted at women.”

“Retailers have got to explain why they do this. At a time when we should be moving towards a more de-gendered society, retailers are out of step with public opinion.

Ever since the tampon tax it seems that everything is coming under fire when it comes to gender and is mostly heard from females. What do men think about this? Do they even care the fact women are getting charged more just because they are girls or just because something is pink rather than blue?

I sense a war between men and women…

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