New Film Promotes Child Bullying If Done By Opposite Sex

We’ve all heard the famous “he’s only picking on you because he likes you” words which we all thought were past us but this new movie brings up the hot topic all over again.

This makes me think back to the time I was around six and I had been picked on by this boy at school. Now at first I thought ok he doesn’t like me very well and he’s being god damn rude but the reaction I got from others were a case of oh don’t worry it’s probably because he likes you. It certainly made me confused but I thought well it must be true. This boy throwing around little remarks obviously likes me. Weird

Recently I decided to see what this ‘Daddy’s Home’ (starring Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell) was all about, very very funny I must say but to be honest I was quite shocked to see that they had a similar scenario and acting like it was ok. So the film did teach the young boy to defend himself and fight back but as soon as the parents found out the bully was a girl, the outcome became very different. A girl picking on a boy just to be told it’s because she likes him. Many of you may not think much of this and oh we’re just joking but honestly, telling your child that the reason he/she is getting picked on is result of affection is just totally wrong.

Advertising this sort of thing especially in movies certainly does promote acceptance to this kind of behaviour. So it seems a little fun and harmless and many of you won’t even think twice about it but being in this situation myself I can tell you it’s not fun. Telling your children that it’s ok to be picked on or bullied because the other person likes them could potentially turn into accepted abuse from a future relationship. Am I overreacting?

What if there’s one little thought in a persons mind saying it’s ok for them to abuse or pick on me because they like me regardless of age? At the end of the day were still teaching children that it’s ok. What do you think?

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