Does Doing Kind Gestures Depend On Who The Other Person Is?

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There are so many things out there that have been documented and written about because it involves people being kind and becoming the active role model for others from just doing simple gestures. Recently I read an article about how this lady became the hero of the day. A guy in the Army wearing his uniform was doing his food shop with his daughter and when it came to paying he was a little short. We’ve all been there. The lady decided to do her good deed of the day and was kind enough to pay the rest of the fathers shopping.

All of a sudden it goes viral and everyone gets reassured there are great people out there. I mean, it’s nice to live in a world where everyone helps each other out right? But what about the things that don’t get documented because it’s the opposite of kind? So, the other day I’m in my car parked up waiting for someone when I witness, what should have been a kind gesture, something I can only think of as…well, wrong! I had witnessed a homeless guy trying to get through the barriers in order to use the toilet. This guy wore clothes too small and shoes too big with his hair overgrown and his face blackened from not washing. As we all know most public toilets charge you 20p to actually get inside but this guy didn’t have any change. The person behind the counter seemed to have dismissed his request to let him in free of charge and every passer by refused to give him change.

“it’s nice to live in a world where everyone helps each other out right?”

At this stage I had so many thoughts running through my mind from why are we still being charged to use public toilets to where is this act of kindness our world seems to be so proud of doing? Was it because he was homeless? Was it the way he looked? If a homeless guy was in the shop and he was short 20p would that lady have donated the rest?

I can’t believe what I saw that it made me realise not everyone gets help simply because of how they look. We’re supposed to help one another aren’t we? Do our good deeds for the day to become a better person? I did what everyone else should have done and went over to the guy and gave him the 20p he needed. I also asked if he needed anything else in which he replied “thank you so much. I’ll be ok.”

I can’t believe homelessness is still a topic in which we all seem to be disgusted by. But it is. It shouldn’t matter who the person is, if anyone is in need whether it’s about donating a few pence or simply helping them if you can then why not? What have you got to lose by doing something nice?

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