Contouring Mad

Contouring has become a very important make up technque which includes using a darker shade and a highlighting shade to give you that ‘sculpted’ look. Personally, it’s amazing especially if I feel like I’m having a fat face day. But the techniques didn’t stop there.

Then came along strobing, which is just a name for stick as much highlighter on as possible. I thought ok, people are just giving it a name I mean why not it sounds, dare I say it, cool. Professional cool obviously. But then I started seeing people using the contouring technique to make it look like they have actually have a cleavage, which is well, it’s weird. Right?

It’s one thing for sort of faking what your face looks like and now we’re faking boobs? It reminds me of when young girls stuffed tissue down their bras. Does it stop there? No. Now you have contouring of the neck. Yes you read that correctly, the neck. I admit, contouring is a secret ‘yes’ moment when you actually feel you have potential to look good. But using it to fake cleavage and a erm, bony neck? Just seems a bit too contouring mad. 

Hats off to the women who actually make the time and perfect this but I’m just too lazy. Imagine looking great on a night out and when you get in at 3am, well I guess most people go straight to bed but like how long does it take to remove it all? And what if the only reason you’ve pulled is because he thinks you have high cheek bones, good breasts and a bony neck? Ok seems shallow but isn’t that the sort of world we live in?

In my opinion it’s just too much hassle to fake it. I mean, contouring your face seems ok for those fat days. Would you try contouring your boobs and neck?

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